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  1. Dud what are ya talking about. Read the bible. This is a war. Your in it. Wake up soldier.

  2. Sure you can tell what's is right and wrong. Read the bible with the correct lense. Lean the greek alphabet. Learn as much latin as you can. Consult old dictionaries. Like paper ones. Older the better.

  3. You really need to listen to some spec ops stories on YouTube. Shawn Ryan has some great ones. This was special forces frog man shit.

  4. Bro read the bible!!! You're basically plagiarizing it without even knowing lol.

  5. Man wait til you learn what they did to the left

  6. The left extreme is as dumb as the right extreme, I'm not here to take sides. But the left is 100% being infiltrated and spied on. But their Achilles heel is that they feel safe on twitter, Facebook, insta, snap etc and consequently their opsec sucks balls. They're tech savvy cosmopolitans putting all their laundry out on cyber front street. And the right extremists are plotting in the woods and in their barns which requires old school gum shoe Humint-- alot harder to come by than social media Sigint and OSint.

  7. Their Achilles heel is that they don't really exist anymore. I mean yes of course its on the rise but outside of maybe the DSA there's really no presence in the real world and especially not at the policial level. You are 100% correct about the infiltration part though, it used to be a joke that a majority of the American left were just CIA plants because of how common it was.

  8. Despite 30 years of having an improper definition of terrorism crammed down our throat, terrorism is a thing that a government does to its people not the other way around. Terrorism = Rule by terror fear and violence. It's like every other ism: communism, fascism, capitalism, racism. It's a form of Governance.

  9. See science has the fun presumption that what you know and understand today might be disproven tomorrow. That's the progress that science provides. But ultimately we need practical systems of understanding to just have a functioning world. So you have a hypothesis, an idea that could explain a natural phenomenon. You test, then test, and test some more. Eventually that hypothesis has gone through enough testing to be considered "sound." Still not a theory. A theory happens when that sound hypothesis begins to receive data from other different experiments. Or when other areas of study begin to reinforce your original hypothesis. It will take years, possibly decades, and thousands of data points before a hypothesis is a theory. A theory isn't just a hypothesis that's been "proven" because again we can't prove anything with 100% certainty. But we can begin to have a better idea of natural phenomenons, and create "theories" that have gone through the rigor of the process. You're right water won't boil at 100 degrees under every possible condition, they are conditions that alter it's properties. You're right, the sun does not revolve around the Earth, we've created models that better fit the observed data. You're right, gravity was presumed as an invisible force before the advent of subatomic particles and quantum theory. And science has changed, and will continue to change, but our need for practical systems won't. We now understand gravity is the bend of space that is expressed through gravitons, but we still understand objects fall at 9.78 meters per second under one G. We understand the Earth doesn't travel in a perfect circle around the Sun, it's elliptical. We understand water will boil at lower temperatures at higher altitudes. But for the majority of people those finite distinctions are arbitrary. Science guarantees that your understanding is faulty. But it offers the best possible solution right here, right now, with the available data and observations. Those theories will hold longer, and remain closer to an "objective truth," until something better comes along and throws it out the window.

  10. There is induction, deduction, and retroduction aka abduction.

  11. An invasion of military aged men who could be used as a military force when our own soldier refuse to turn on us. Hey you, want a buncha money and guaranteed citizenship? Ok put on thiisbplate carrier and go put you boot on some throats. ....what could go wrong

  12. You got half right. The bible is the Truth, the way, and the life. The way religions use/abuse the text and derive their own earthly and self-interested interpretations, doctrines, and dogma is the ultimate form of control. Religions are like "here, I'll read and translate that for you. Don't bother yourself, you wouldn't understand and will probably read it wrong." And in so doing we let schiesty middlemen corrupt the truth as its delivered to us, while they hoard the knowledge and truth for themselves which creates a knowledge gap, which creates a power gap.

  13. Really? We could look at the people who got dumped in MV as an example for one

  14. Those aren't conservative Christian's. They're wealthy coastal elites of all Faith's and mostly secular or Secular Jews.

  15. It's definitely not a disc/flat. However, the possibility remains that it's not spherical but rather torroidal.

  16. It is toroidal. In the middle of a toroidal field lies a plane of inertia. The earth is a giant toroidal field with a magnet (North Pole) in the centre. The material world we live in and experience, where all physical matters exists, is at the plane of inertia in the middle. Above and below is the toroidal field, or the “ether”, which is constantly spinning (as all magnetic fields do).

  17. Honestly I think its brilliant. If we cull we start with the stupid. People who cover thine eyes and ears and refuse the reality of their 5 senses, refuse to acknowledge what's happening right in front of them in favor of a spoon fed narrative self selecting themselves is brilliant. Just don't jab kids, as they cannot make their own informed consent.

  18. Wear nothing but black gray and red instead of standard blue business suits and still whine that everyone keeps saying you're a satanist just because of your pentagram and baphomet tattoos

  19. Listen to DJ Marky - Brazilian Grooves Mix Set by CULT.CARTEL on #SoundCloud

  20. She probably has babesiosis. How old? A packed red blood cell transfusion will buy a lot of time in order for you to get her treated with a heavy duty course of antibiotics. Beg borrow and steal, this might be treatable. You could have years left with her. PM me if you would like.

  21. Black Mirror was out in 2016, right. How could anyone believe this as it's coming out their mouth?

  22. That’s hilarious? So the people who get vaccinated are the ones who will be killed because they are fearful and stupid?

  23. One day the switch just flips. Then one dose after an extended period of cessation will cause withdrawals. Of course they won't be very long cause it's just one dose. But for sure, things will not stay this way forever.

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