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  1. It's totally different, it's super secure. No one will ever see your data.... except Google who will sell it to anyone.

  2. I read the entire article. Guess you're delusional if you think 100% of any data transmitted across Google VPN won't be sold to the highest bidder.

  3. Nope. Just not a miserable pessimist with nothing better to do than complain about nothing. 🤷

  4. Oh, hell yea. It's actually been a steady decline since years back when they got rid of Google Now because of silly privacy complaints from people who didn't even use the phone as their daily. And for the past weeks it's just been awful. My feed is just filled with click bait, now about topics and people I have ZERO interest in.

  5. Heart rate while sleeping is, that's what this post is about

  6. It's about telling people not to pay for Fitbit Premium. That's literally the title.

  7. So the 5 word title matters more than a whole tutorial? Anyway thanks for the downvote buddy

  8. Yea. Anytime you start by telling people NOT to do kinda matters. 🤷

  9. It seems crazy to let your cat eat a charger that costs $30 for your watch that cost $300.

  10. Kick yourself for not being more careful and responsible with your things.

  11. Oh wow, with how horrible this speaker sounds. I'm surprised this is even a thing

  12. Apparently people nowadays don't know what good audio quality is. That would drive me insane.

  13. Yea sucks. I have experience with that from years back with Android Wear & Wear OS, but was hoping there was some better solution by now. ☹️

  14. Did it resolve on its own? And how long did it take?

  15. I had the same problem, I assumed it was an error, I uninstalled WhatsApp, and then I reinstalled it, then it asked me to download the backup copy the password that I had set, and everything happened without problems, I recovered all my conversations and that message disappeared and "fully encrypted" appeared

  16. Didn't work for me. Everything went as described except at the end the message was still there.

  17. I don't wear watches 24/7, so thankfully I don't have this problem.

  18. I think for a 6 w/256 gigs for a 7 w/256 gigs was something like $130 with trade in.

  19. Im looking at around $230. Just still trying to think if it's worth it, if I'm not having issues with my 6 Pro and whether I should just wait until the 8 Pro.

  20. If you aren't having issues, you do you. My wife had plenty and I tried to fix them to no avail. $130 cost was an easy decision to send that device back to Google for a new, and hopefully better, 7.

  21. I definitely will do me, I'm just going back and forth with what's the best option for me.

  22. I've gotten multiple Milanese bands from Amazon, but the edges all catch on fabric. Anyone have any recommendations on how to prevent that?

  23. Yeah man all google companies has a way to be called if you have a problem. They will suspend Google pay for a week investigate the issue and probably see if you account is enable to move defaults card.

  24. You better call Google pay. They will help i had a similar issue so i removed all my Google pay and added it back. I haven't had any issues since

  25. When I called Google to complain, they apologized that their instructions on how to "correctly/completely" factory reset the Pixel phones was not all inclusive. There are features that still can remain locked when following their original published directions. This has now been changed...but still dos not help me. Google is a royal PITA to their customers. They have lost one already.

  26. I can't argue that their customer service is really bad and I still can't believe that all these years later, they still haven't improved. I would suggest that you stay on them for them to make things right.

  27. Nothing, (would have) got a good deal on upgrading to a 7P so took it.

  28. How much did they initially offer you? I've been debating about doing the same thing for the past few days, but your post has me scared.

  29. Google doesn't care. Class action lawsuit time. This is unacceptable.

  30. You don't care. You'll never file a class action lawsuit.

  31. LOL, someone who adopted Google's defunct motto is defending the company... shocking.

  32. Lol. Someone on Reddit claiming I'm doing something that I am not, because they lack basic reading comprehension skills and apparently can't read what's actually written without superimposing onto it the crazy thoughts that run rampant in their head.... shocking.

  33. It's also ok to realize when you read something you're making up the "shouting" in your head. It doesn't exist. It's text. You have an overactive but not very creative imagination. You saying the Pixel has flaws is actually not what you said at all...until now. 🤔 And I actually, never said the Pixel did not have flaws and have never commented on flaws at all. Again...figments of your imagination. Again, it's unfortunate you severely misinterpreted what you read. I had previously informed you of that, so I'm surprised you're continuing with your highly erroneous take. But since still don't get it, there's really no need to communicate any further. 🤷

  34. Why are you still writing? It's sad actually. 🤔

  35. I'm in upstate NY. Yeah, I think in general the process has improved for most. After my experience when I got the 3a XL, I too swore I'd never do it again, but I couldn't resist their offer earlier this year to swap that for a 6a. As long as you play by the rules, which may include reminding Google to play by their rules as well, it should be fine. So I'll probably subject myself again to their mercy to swap out my 6 for a 7 with this current promo.

  36. My situation was even worse. I received my trade in kit quickly, returned it immediately, and they reduced my trade in value to like a 3rd of what they originally offered me, even though the phone was in excellent condition. They also made it right for me.... eventually....but it took them 2 years to resolve it!

  37. Oh yeah, definitely uncheck that box during the purchase so they have to return it back to you if they try switching up the value. Years!? I think it took me 4-5 weeks maybe, of pretty persistent communication, to convince them of their wrongdoing. What device are you trying to trade-in now? Because Best Buy has some pretty great deals going now if you'd rather do the whole process in person. I don't think the deals are generally as good as Google's, but it could save a lot of hassle.

  38. Yes, believe it or not...YEARS! I was so frustrated that I was going to leave Google for good. I went back and forth with them for about 1 year, and considered their mistreatment of me as a customer and my fight was over, and was just going to switch to something else (read iPhone) when I next needed to upgrade. Then another year later, literally out of the blue, they started communicating with me again, and told me they resolved my issue, gave me my full value and also gave me a store credit for the inconvenience.

  39. I said that after the S7 Edge. That was my last Samsung phone.

  40. I'm not sure even the Apple Watch works like you want, but I haven't had an AW in a long time.

  41. Either. You need your phone to use Google Maps and City Mapper. They don't work on LTE.

  42. I misunderstood what you wrote. I thought you were saying that even on Apple Watch it DOES work the way I want it to, so you can't understand why the Pixel Watch doesn't.

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