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  1. People get down voted when they act like 7 year olds. Grow up.

  2. Bro very short no it can’t … it’s a balance of many things.

  3. People will get tired of waiting for burns and utility price drops .00002 end of next year we have burned trillions and re peg around corner price soars 84 cents

  4. Cause he is more useful as a mortal servant not held back by the barrier between the warp and realspace.

  5. Theres daemon princes who have done less than kharn tho

  6. Lol nothing going happen but drop .people have to much expectations thinking burn is going be massive but it's not going to be.alot disappointed people .well alot of impatient people will be disappointed. But those who no a burn at all is a step in right direction...

  7. I agree. So many moonbois here who dont know that lunc is LONG term investment

  8. Bruh shib moonbois are even worse lol

  9. Yeah I mean it's totally possible to move out before 30. I'd even say it's the norm. But usually it's having roommates and not exactly being rich.

  10. Where you guys from if its impossible?

  11. I moved out at 21 because i had job. And in finland you get rental assist if your unemployed.

  12. Why not sell when you clearly can rebuy more later

  13. How far he can still go in mcu version?

  14. He can teleport tho and most heroes cant. Only blast and cosmic garou.

  15. You guys are still here? Lmao if you’re still having hopes for this failure of a project you need help 😂😂😂

  16. Looks like the valve cover, should be very easy to repair.

  17. Really? I already feared it will be head gasket and it would have cost me 800-1000€ to repair it haha

  18. Nah, valve cover. But that could get very expensive since you have oil leaking onto your exhaust which can quickly turn into fire. That said it looks like you may have some pretty bad blowby that cause the gasket to blow, so it may end up blowing the gasket again immediately. If that happens you're pretty much gonna have to replace the whole motor as it's about 1/3 the price of getting the engine rebuilt. I reccomend O'Reilly powertorque engines as they're spin-testes for oil pressure and proper clearance before shipping, and you get a 4 year no mileage limit warranty if you do all the paperwork.

  19. Well i got repair time for next week monday

  20. 0.10 would be enough. I would be millionaire

  21. It won't reach $1 let alone 1 penny so the sooner you accept that the better chance you give yourself of getting out in time with profits. Is it doing great right now yes. But you have to be realistic about how high it can go. Just pay attention to that market cap and that should let you know what's possible. Good luck. Also don't let any noob convince you to just hodl a meme coin. Dyor

  22. im gonna sell at 0.10 too. would make 2.7million

  23. A dollar is going to be very unlikely with the current supply (burns not withstanding) but getting to five to ten cents is very possible. Which is why we all need to buy and HODL. Accumulation by hodlers and wide spread integration are key to Shiba’s success (in my humble opinion.)

  24. Im not talking about now. I meant in future

  25. Hey im gonna retire then as 42year old lol

  26. I falled sleep after work and was suprised lunc was so much pumped up

  27. You’ll check in 10 years and it’ll be gone. Literally invest in any other crypto but pointless garbage shib. It will never reach a penny based on market cap. Shib for for children of the crypto world

  28. It's luck. I've had the same all male friend group since basically elementary school and as a result havent met anyone. You play with what you get.

  29. Yeah i never had girls even as friend

  30. I like most people I know, met my SO through a friendship with someone else. A friend of a friend. A sibling of a friend of a friend. A friend of a sibling. Friend of a coworker. That kinda thing.

  31. Problem is i dont have any girls as friends or in friend group

  32. I got 387k luna so i can hodl as long needet

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