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  1. I was under the impression that promise only applied to secret lair UB.

  2. For stuff that was based on a third-party licence. Hasbro own both Magic and Transformers so they can reprint these whenever they want and even with new art.

  3. That's not a relevant fact and if anything suggesting it will be like other Hasbro/Wizards properties just suggests that like DnD these will never be reprinted with Magic IP. If you simply follow the identical model to other Hasbro IP, you're suggesting these would never be reprinted with Magic content. Every single card they print with non-Magic IP could be reprinted with in-world characters and flavor, it's just a matter of if they ever will.

  4. No, what I'm suggesting is that they might not see a need to reprint these with magic IP. The magic IP reprint of the Secret Lair cards were only peomised because people voiced concerns that that's the only chabce to get those cards and that them being licenced meant that reprints in furure would be difficult without requiring the licence. These however are owned wholesale by Hasbro so there are no licence fees or agreements that need to be made.

  5. This looks awesome. If it could retain the mask gimmick it would be cool to have a samurai mask covering the traditional skull.

  6. I want remakes that come with remasters. Like the Medieval remake.

  7. Grew up watching the original series, several others, read comics...never have I seen that Optimus and Megatron are brothers. This a recent retcon or something?

  8. I'm glad to, I love Transformers and am always happy to share and or explain.

  9. I will never understand paying this much for a game that's just terrible.

  10. Hold on, Megatron did not gain a tank form until the Generation 2 version, what is this blasphemy?!

  11. Hasbro is trying to erase the old Walter mode, all recent G1 style Megatrons as of late turn into tanks now.

  12. They sound like a YouTube parody dub. This just needs the Jurassic Park melodica cover as a soundtracks to be perfect.

  13. I would rather go hungry and buy my pets real food instead of giving them Spam.

  14. It may be associated to his "Transformers Animated" version. He has three personality there:

  15. It's just a reference to him being a tripple changer. You flip him to alt-mode and at random choose Flying - Jet Mode Indestructible - tank mode.

  16. Ah, the colors. I wonder what colors Rumble and Frenzy would have this time (shudder)

  17. They're going to realease a version with RIRFIB, RIBFIR, RIBFIB, RIRFIR the Rainbow and the Same with the Shattered Glass alt. And if you want all you need to buy six Secret Lairs. It will be called the Grt Reddy to Rumble Drop Series.

  18. FIRRIB: Frenzy is Rumble, Red is Blue. Problem Solved.

  19. They are are actually quite good and the flavour is pretty well done on them.

  20. I kinda left it after the first episode, I’m just wondering if the show gets good later on

  21. This looks so much like that prototype Takara showed off years ago.

  22. Jet Jaguar wins because I like him the best, and because I slipped the script writer 20 bucks under the table

  23. Haha! I slipped him 30 and a beer, I'm sorry but Kumonga is going to win.

  24. Jokes on you I pulled the classic fifty bucks and a slick free Luigi's pizza card, sorry but none of them are winning, Godzilla's gonna show up out of nowhere and save the day with a hovering glide kick

  25. He's Super Kami Power level. Which is higher than Kami or NAIL level.

  26. What the goddamn fuck is this "continental", "planetary" and "universal" scaling bullshit?

  27. What stats? You're just throwing out random words thinking they mean something.

  28. So which are the other three in the top three? You only posted the most disappointing version of the character.

  29. It's fangoria magazine, this is probably a documentary on Godzilla featuring John Carpenter.

  30. Maybe it is the new cloverfield sequel?? Either way, they need something new now that they're done with Godzilla vs. Kong, I'm hoping MechaGodzilla

  31. How do you get Cloverfield from this? And they just did Mechagodzilla.

  32. It is the original drawing, just coloured in Transformers colours plus a con symbol.

  33. A lot more now than back when I seriously startet in the fandom.

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