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  1. My hair is longer than my wife’s hair, and I haven’t even had issues when I’ve gone to church. Your dad needs to calm down.

  2. Evangelical Christians would probably not view Mormons as Christian.

  3. To be fair, I would guess GK has a much larger budget to iron these things out.

  4. Despite being sort of the comic relief character for the series Neelix does have a lot of episodes that cover relatively heavy subject matter like Jetrel and Mortal Coil.

  5. I think mortal coil is one of the best episodes of the show. Maybe a bit personal to me as I lost my faith like Neelix but found a way to keep on going and even maybe reclaim some of it. That episode was written by someone who has experienced a crisis of faith. Which is imo one of the most human experiences possible.

  6. It’s not the best but I think it was published about halfway through.

  7. Love it. Not the fastest or tallest but SteVe is none the less my all time favorite coaster.

  8. I shouldn’t get caught up on the grammar here, but I honestly can’t tell what half these bullets are even trying to say.

  9. It is kind of an inaccurate conclusion, but animals are much better than people anyway.

  10. I mean I don’t blame him for not giving you his gun and then he at least sort of started to help you before he got a shovel in the head

  11. It’s like why does everyone hate their children’s generation?

  12. This is how I will always feel about magnum. Even if my head/neck/back/thighs all hurt when it's over. Lol

  13. Magnum in the second car is amazing. Even though it hurts.

  14. No one is attacking or persecuting anyone serving their mission or still strong in the church on this thread. At least I don’t think so. I frequently let missionaries stop at my home to take a load off when it’s hot or when they need water etc. It’s the general authorities that I have my battle with and the people that have played a direct hand at my trauma.

  15. That’s a much better argument. The church as an organization.

  16. 99 percent of the time it’s just plugged in to my Tv. Other than when I take it on travel

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