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  1. I always put my back to a wall or to where no one can get a quick peek at my screen

  2. My Reddit account. And the face Idek if I want to be in a relationship anymore. She’s don’t absolutely nothing wrong, but I just want to be single

  3. No woman is worth getting serious with until at least the age of 25, fuck around and have fun until then.

  4. What is a "reddit couple"? My man and I both use reddit. Does that count?

  5. What's stopping me, my partner atm very plain

  6. How does a male get invite to one of your GB parties? Or how much does it cost?

  7. With that much in my country, tropical getaway sex in a private beach house for maybe one week.

  8. Can relate my biggest issue is with sleep tho, it's 6.40am here couldn't sleep a wink last night :(

  9. I promise this gets better. I started smoking bc I couldn’t sleep well. But I’m 25 days clean and I sleep amazing now. Better than I have the 2 years I smoked every night to “help me sleep”. Ngl I ate 2 melatonin every night for bout 2 weeks but I’m finally at the point where I can just lay down and sleep good.

  10. these dreams crazy, last night I dreamt I was throwing hands with lil uzi

  11. Man you ain’t lying. I be seeing the craziest shit in my dreams. And they’re so vivid

  12. Amen. I noticed a difference my first 24 hours and it gets better everyday. On day 5 now!

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