1. Going for 300....but eventually that's what I aiming for

  2. Africa can drastically change for the better with the help of crypto, if we all invest in the right projects! I discovered Sango Project and their vision & I'm really interested in even buying land through them. The Central African Republic and all of Africa needs the attention of more foreign investors to change the economic and environmental situation faster!

  3. whats the best way to maximize my dividends?

  4. I like it long term. I think they're very well set up when the industry fully switches to E-cars. My opinion obviously.

  5. Also, do these funds breakdown dividends as qualified and ordinary dividends or will it be one or the other?

  6. There maybe also a percentage that is considered "QDI" (Qualified Dividend Income),

  7. That’s the answer I was looking for! All my other holdings are in IRA’s so I’ve never had to worry about yearly dividend taxes. Thank you!

  8. The FTX collapse, just like ENRON, will probably be featured on "American Greed",

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