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  1. Potassium, sodium and glucose are the major ones you lose when you sweat.

  2. If you want LiquidIV for cheaper, use Trioral. It's the same thing but without added flavoring. Great for hydration.

  3. View your Phd as a job. Many students struggle with self pacing and so tend to benefit when they are able to dedicate a set amount of time each day to work with a routine (I.e. 9-5).

  4. I'm from Hawaii, born and raised. The islands heavily rely on imported goods, approx. 70-90% of food is imported. Maybe instead of focusing on imported things, which can run out and become scarce, focus on sustainability.

  5. Maybe shadow systems? Glock clone with better features (trigger, optic ready, threaded barrel, cowitness sights, etc.). Decent price point if you look on

  6. If you're concerned about fundamentals, red dots allow you to diagnose in real time better than irons IMO. You can see the dot move when dry firing, or where the dot moves and returns during live fire. Much more difficult to see with irons.

  7. You could literally build a house watching youtube videos lol.

  8. Changed my cars radiator in a Best Buy parking lot thanks to YouTube, saved +$600 over going to the nearest shop.

  9. I meant carry a handgun. INDIANA (WFIE) - When Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1296 on March 21, Constitutional Carry became the law. Beginning July 1, 2022, anybody in Indiana over the age of 18 can keep a handgun on them without the need to have any licensing or permits, barring any felonies on record.Jun 1, 2022

  10. That was always the case, anyone who could pass a background check could get an LTCH. The primary barrier was time and $150ish for the permit. Indiana has always been a "shall issue" state. Not saying I agree with the bill or think it does anything other than give politicians brownie points, but the requirements to carry a handgun haven't changed - you cannot be a prohibited possessor, must be able to pass a background check (required to buy the gun in the first place).

  11. Maybe the only people who should give advice about abortion are the ones who have had one. See how poorly that logic works?

  12. You're assuming that all gun owners are anti abortion. I know many libertarians and liberals who are just as much for your/women's rights to get an abortion as they are for gun rights.

  13. Lol who wrote this, a college admissions officer? I'm a neuroscientist, and let me tell you in STEM the pay isn't necessarily better. If you entered into a trade straight out of high school, you'd be better off (no debt, +10 years head start of maxing out a retirement account, comparable pay by the time a STEM career enters the workforce).

  14. My internships for STEM were paying me more than 20-25/hour. To say that entry level job wouldn’t be more than 20-25/hr is wrong.

  15. I said "shouldn't expect more than", which if you're the outlier, great. But for the majority of jobs with bachelors only will make roughly 50-60k per year, starting salary excluding college debt, taxes, etc. Most numbers you see related to STEM are after years of experience or in the top 10 percentile.

  16. Get a lawyer. It seems clear something is wrong (although on which party, Idk). If it's by way of the University, cooperating with them will likely result in your dismissal due to the power dynamics at play. It gives them recourse to say they tried to help you, when in reality they got their story straight and created doubt in yours.

  17. I’m a bit hesitant to suggest she get a lawyer. Also this doesn’t pertain to me, just posting on here for a good friend because I don’t know much about the situation. I don’t want her to panic but I did suggest she go to student advocacy or talk to her academic advisor. Do you think this is a bad idea?

  18. Chances are extremely low any prof will stick their necks out enough to make the course prof change their decision.

  19. As of right now, 250 every two weeks (so 500 rounds per month). I'd be shooting 1000 rounds per month if it was precovid pricing.

  20. Checkout primary machine or wagermachineworks. Primary has a sight set available that'll work, and Wager Machine gives the dimensions for Dawson sights

  21. Thanks, I got mine milled from Wager. I'm more so wondering if the lower 1/3 alters target focusing? Does it matter because you see the whole target with the non-reticle eye?

  22. Guns without training. Marksmanship is a non-intuitive perishable skill.

  23. Not enough available for 1000. I think this is pretty much oos

  24. Yeah, had 20 boxes in my cart. Got cart sniped, couldn't check out. Savages lol.

  25. I played back in Season 1. I miss season 1 lol. They even gave free RP back then.

  26. Maybe it holds off the rework, get some buffs, evens out eventually. Really fearing the rework, as if they screw up, it will get the only champ I can play lol. Used to play in season 1-6, came back and everything changed except Tryndamere in terms of the champs, play styles, items.

  27. Great price… wish I could find something in the ballpark for a P10C

  28. When did you send it? The site has been saying they can’t orders for the last few days. When someone on here mentioned them to me.

  29. Look at the user's post history to GAFS (wage92), has a post there where you can reach them directly (and it's a bit cheaper).

  30. I have both. I can't tell a difference enough to really matter to me. Gen 2 is better, but if you're not looking side by side it's not much.

  31. In your opinion, would you consider the gen 2 to be $75 dollars better or is that extra better spent on ammo?

  32. It’s mostly spreading amongst gay or bisexual men, but that doesn’t mean on close contact it can’t spread to women.

  33. It could also be that homosexual men are more likely to seek out testing after sexual encounters. Better screening and increased awareness (of STDs) among gay men may be the 3rd variable driving this correlation.

  34. I'm sure it could be, the primary reasons it's not is probably ease of monitoring, and for the ease of the nurse or doctor administering the shot.

  35. Most US armed forces deployed to parts of Asia have already been vaccinated, as well as many boomers. Side effects will be more than the covid vax that has half the country up in arms, so that'll be interesting.

  36. Depends on the projected r0, genome sequencing results, routes of transmission, and vaccine efficacy/escape. If it's significantly different in all aspects, I'd be willing to bet money on bioweapon.

  37. As a STEM researcher myself, WHO really dropped the ball with covid (late mask guidance, wrong on human to human transmission, not pressuring China for data, etc.), so frankly I don't expect they'll do any better with this.

  38. Do you have any examples of first world countries movement? All I see is discussion and trying to buying vaccines.

  39. Buying vaccines is no small thing. The US spent 119 million on monkeypox vaccinations for 2023. Especially when you consider most US armed forces (who deploy to Asia) and Boomers are already vaccinated, which suggests the gov thinks this will impact the general pop to a large enough degree that money should be spent.

  40. That likely has to do with the fact the older generation (boomers) are vaccinated against smallpox, which carries over to monkey pox. Higher mortality rate regardless (and longer symptomatic period, much of which is debilitating), so yes take precautions.

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