1. Yeah I wouldn’t cut while taking arguably the two best bulking compounds. Bulk bulk bulk. After bulking for like 2 months post cycle you should cut.

  2. Thanks man appreciate the suggestion. Hey another guy mentioned I would cut back mk677 from everyday to once a week.. you ever hear anyone say that or read anything?

  3. Lol I drink a couple sodas a day and eat pop tarts alot actually man and I haven't felt any kind of way but I do need to clean up my diet

  4. Yeah man even if you don’t feel it your blood sugar prolly ain’t doing too good boss and MK-677 can be a fast track to diabetes. Stay safe man!

  5. Maybe throw a smaller of dose of MK—677 (15mg daily) in your Pct protocol in order to help retain more of your muscle gained during the cycle via the growth hormone pathway.

  6. Yeah swab your delt with some isopropyl alcohol swab wait for it to dry heat up the vial with your hands a little bit draw it with a 28g insulin syringe and inject.

  7. My dysphoria alone wasn't enough to convince me, but the moment I grew out my nails and found myself staring at them all the time, I knew euphoria made me trans much more than dysphoria.

  8. That was actually a really interesting and compelling article and definitely a little status quo shaking. I agree with her respective thanks for sharing!

  9. Yeah anytime I get the imposter syndrome or feel unsure or just sad I go give that one a read.

  10. As a beginner which ones better to bulk Rad-140 or Lgd 4033?

  11. 4033 for sure but I’d say 3033 is the king SARM and I’d just recommend that after many cycles of all of them

  12. You’d be a lot better with a test base sarms drain all hormones. Made the mistake when I was younger too.

  13. Yeah I’d stick with these. Great choice bro. I’ve been using the 28g and never looked back.

  14. No that was perfect! Yeah with YK I just wanted an X factor in the stack, but I honestly am more in the mindset of less is more so I will probably just do 3033 and MK!

  15. You might actually gain 15 pounds in just 8 weeks lol but obviously not all of that will be muscle but I really do think you can have both

  16. I’d start with 15mg. 12.5 might also be good but I only trust matrix labs as my brand and they only make it in 15mg pills. I’ve ran it for 8 months as the backbone to all my cycles and on its own and honestly 15mg was always solid. Things can get weird when you start moving up to like 30mg and I don’t think it’s worth it overall.

  17. Try 8 weeks at first see how it suits you. I’ve use MK-677 for 8 months before (not recommended but I learned a lot.)

  18. Other than feeling really weird on no sleep and after drinking a Baja blast all my effects were great tbh! I love MK-677 and probably always will. I’ve tried 15mg and 30mg both are great but thirty isn’t for the faint of heart and I’d only do that after getting used to it after taking it for a month or so. Also it will make you very hungry and sleep very hard too but both of those were always a plus to me.

  19. Yeah cardio is great on it but I find that the extra endurance really comes from a weight lifting angle but it’s great overall for endurance. Yeah really make sure you get sleep though and if you have any weird effects just run in place and lift some dumbbells for like 30 mins to an hour. This will help with those weird blood sugar spikes if you do mess up on the diet.

  20. Hahahaha dominos app. Now that is a solid rec.

  21. Bro 120g protein and 2,800ish calories for 8.50 a day is a great bulking strat if you’re one of those skinny guys with a furnace for a metabolism. I ate it at least every three days or even every day at times and gained 17lbs on my rad and 677 cycle. I stand with dominos. Also chicken Alfredo pizza with extra cheese is very very good. I like throwing it in the oven at 425 for about 5-8 minutes to make it a lil crispy. Sheeple need to wake up if they want real gains 🍕

  22. Oh no judgement here. I have a free pizza waiting for my next order.

  23. Test base. Telimisartan 80mg a day. Use the brand matrix labs and only them for your sarms. Use LGD-3033 instead of rad even though I love rad 3033 is just superior imo. Get a blood pressure monitor. Get AT LEAST 8hrs of sleep a night. Make sure you eat right and more than enough. I’d stack it with matrix labs MK-677 as well at 15mg a day.

  24. I’d actually be concerned about their well being if they were already taking stuff and had that level of knowledge lmao.

  25. Most definitely the 1971/72 dodge demon 340. It’s so underrated imo an has the dopest aesthetic of any old muscle car. The commercial is sick too.

  26. Honestly cardarine doesn’t really sound like it has a point for you. I don’t think it’s particularly useful for most situations and I’ve ran it for extended periods

  27. Stack rad and MK from the bran matrix labs. Run one pill of both. That was my first cycle and I gained 17lbs.

  28. I didn’t YK for my second cycle and I’d honestly say it wasn’t worth it. If you are dedicated to it for some reason though get something to help with your joints. 2 bananas a day helped me a ton.

  29. Yeah I know of it drying out joints, but it really shouldn't be a problem. It's a bulk and if it happens I will ramp up MK

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