1. I thought Kimberly Akimbo was for sure the next Best Musical winner, but now it has some strong competition since they attached Lin to this project and there was rumor of the workshop being great

  2. mad easy. pay attention in class and memorize slides then you will get an A

  3. if no orchestra above, then things (like the apartment) could come from above which is still fun?

  4. It's a lot ... if you come in knowing how hard her life is ... it's good. It can be very triggering. I've never experienced abuse and it was triggering for me. It did introduce me to some of her music that I didn't know was hers. I knew like 2 songs coming in.

  5. i went last night on tdf and got orch right very close! i loved the show, and agree the topics are hard. and yes - horrible audience behavior: people singing, phones kept going off, people dancing in aisles whenever they knew a song

  6. Thank you TicketMaster needs a 5 digit promo code to apply.

  7. hmm there should be an unlock button where you put in the special offer. make sure you do it before you select tickets. the button is next to the filters and number of tickets button on the app

  8. I tried the unlock method could it be the discount code is unavailable?

  9. This was very good story telling. Tear jerking. Anger inducing. Funny. And the music was great. It's definitely not Mulin Rouge (which I didn't like too much). I would see it if you can. It closes Sunday.

  10. I usually don’t like artist jukebox musicals, but they did such a great job translating the songs to stage especially the ballads, and the story is actually interesting and moving unlike some other jukebox musicals!

  11. i did it at my college and it’s so fun! there are quite a few male tracks but tbh in our show we had 5 guys and we played all the tracks since there are many chances for double casting

  12. some shows to consider are 13, Shrek, anything Disney especially freaky friday since it’s a little mature, mamma mia, school of rock, matilda, spelling bee. addams’ family, big fish, head over heels, and grease aren’t mti or concord but would be good

  13. Moulin Rouge especially for that price!! Funny Girl isn’t a great show imo and is only worth going if you want to see someone in the cast specifically

  14. Between the lines off broadway has had discount for $55 tix and any seat in the theatre is great

  15. We saw 6 yesterday. We are down to a few she would still like to see. Into the woods and lion king at top

  16. Enter as many as your interested in! But if you know it comes out later in the day and you entered for something that comes out earlier in day (Example: Six comes out at 6 PM and MJ comes out at 3 PM), you might want to consider entering the later one after the results of the first come out (if the deadlines permit it). I just usually play it strategic so I don’t get mad about winning a fav show after i bought for another

  17. Beanie, Ramin, Jared, and Jane are above the title in the Playbill, so Lea probably will be too

  18. kapu cave is fun… if your willing to look at a walkthrough for the frass puzzle that is 50% of the game and so stupid

  19. I think that will be my same experience :( I’m short too. Was the view obstructed by the wall or the people sitting in the front?

  20. Ask for booster pads! Someone on TikTok had last row box and used like 3 booster pads lol

  21. Also saw matinee and Sara was incredible (saw it last week with her understudy making her Broadway debut and she was lovely). Glad I got to saw Phillipa last week, but then also saw her understudy have her first performance today. No Gavin the first time, and Cheyenne this time (was actually slightly more impressed with Jason Forbach than Cheyenne! It amazes me that Jason covers so many roles!!)

  22. it’s so good! i’m goin again tomorrow to see cheyenne and sara since she was out last week!!

  23. Into the Woods definitely has a lottery, on Lucky Seat.

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