1. Emmy then Mary then Krysten but all three are amazing.

  2. Sydney for me. She's amazing. And somehow that is controversial 😂

  3. Alice for me but both amazing. A great matchup.

  4. Prime Jen C was epic. If I could hop in a TARDIS and spend a few weeks with her, it would be worth risking damage to the space time continuum.

  5. Elizabeth's last name? I know the other three but don't recognize her.

  6. This is close. MEW's ass in Fargo is still stuck in my head. Her face is so sweet too. But I'm going Brie for the Kimmel cleavage and the Cap M cosplay I would insist on.

  7. People have given her grief over her body which is so sad because she is hot AF.

  8. I hope they lose their account over this. It's just a game.

  9. They are tied for looks but it's Emilia's perfect personality that will always have me leaning to her in close calls.

  10. It's damn near instant for me, when it works. Make sure you renew the opt in offers because they expire. I double check before every purchase.

  11. I am on Android. Where do I find the surveys that were mentioned?

  12. Thanks. I was thinking it was something inside Atlas but I get it now.

  13. I doubt it was Emilia's first choice either. But if it goes with the part, actors step up and get it done. We live in a different era. Milly will be replaced by an older version soon. This was likely this version of the character's only chance to show the goods. Disappointed.

  14. It wouldn't. And I wanted to see the fun bits for sure. But the larger point is... The immersive world this show and it's predecessor have created has rarely pulled its punches when it comes to realistic nudity. No, the actress shouldn't have to do it. And no, it's not a surprise on the day of filming. The careful camouflaging in this scene took many viewers out of the moment. The only other time I can recall feeling this way was Arya's season 7 scene. It makes you appreciate actresses like Emilia Clarke and others who stepped up and made their scenes truly memorable. When the Queen of Dragons stepped up out of that tub and if her hair had been attached to her nips, it just wouldn't have been the same.

  15. Anne for me here. ScarJo fell off a cliff as she aged. 10-15 years ago she wins but not now.

  16. I have Jimmy John's, Sonic, Auntie Anne's, Round Table Pizza and Jamba Juice. Man I am hoping for a gas station to pop up. No Speedway around here, sadly.

  17. Florence for a lifetime but Taylor for one night.

  18. If it's a long term relationship I want Emilia and her amazing personality by a country mile. If it's a one night thing, it's a Taylor by just a bit. I am pretty sure I could pound a few sad songs out of her.

  19. In more seedy parlance, what you are noticing just now is what bookies call juice. 🧃 😂

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