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  1. It feels like 90% of people who've seen SH hates Cell Max

  2. I want DFE's of all the Super Hero major character and their many forms including Cell Max but if they do a DDF or DFE+LSC it should Piccolo and Gohan first.

  3. This feels pretty "stay in your lane-ish", which I'm not a fan of.

  4. I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm curious and I thought I could ask. How so?

  5. The EMF scanning tool is annoying and it's 'puzzles' are a bad joke.

  6. That's the most positive Tomino's ever sounded about another creators work.

  7. The first game is worth trying and if you like that one buy the sequel when the next sale comes around, MoF sucks though avoid it.

  8. Embrace the fear or put on a podcast or something in the background.

  9. Kim being DLC feels wrong, Shingo being in is cool though although I don't think he's a good pick to lead of the season with.

  10. He was also Harvey Weinstein's pet auteur. Tons of Tarantino's projects or friend's projects were backed by Harvey. Apparently Tarantino kinda knew about the sex crimes.

  11. Nothing Tarantino said was wrong though and he even pretty much said he was too old for them.

  12. Yeah that's dumb, death animations are terrible dlc, call me crazy but I try to avoid dying in games and if I wanna see the death animations I'll just look up a video.

  13. im not playing and just watching but so far i kinda feel like this is just proof of concept and the sequel will be the game people wanted.

  14. I mean the same can be said for the original Sonic and Unleashed's day levels, solid games that can be great.

  15. My only real complaint is they nerfed LB Goku's SA, in Heroes he fucking blows up the sun.

  16. if there’s a better way to tell someone you love them than throwing them off of a cliff, it hasn’t been invented yet

  17. I choose to believe that the Pikachu in Pokken is Heihachi reincarnated.

  18. Remember, most new units even Dokkan Fest units are gonna age out in a couple months but AGL Golden Frieza is still gonna be able to take beatings in slot 1 for years to come,,, probably.

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