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  1. Then there’s the really wealthy that borrow against their assets and technically have zero income.

  2. That thread has people outing themselves left and right.

  3. Lol he is very fine but his clothes seem a size too small. But then again I guess if worked out hard to gain muscle, maybe I would wear tight clothes to show off my muscle as well.

  4. Lol he probably just outgrew his clothes, he’s in between paychecks so he’s stuck wearing what he got 🙌🏾 great for us

  5. Don’t sweat the haters. Someone asked me if I was doing a “dreadloc fro thang” because my starter Locs are in between retwists. Some MFs just don’t know.

  6. I love it, my daughter is a ginger, even though her hair is getting darker as she grows up every one still sees the red and gets excited lol

  7. I got this and my derm recommended I use ketoconazole shampoo (nizoral) on wash day and it eliminated it completely!

  8. I second this, I use a generic psoriasis shampoo and my scalp has never been more manageable

  9. Literally why I don’t post my kids no matter how cute/talented/ funny they are. They can make that choice when their older but for now there’s plenty of other people putting their kids on the gram, you’ve probably already seen this stunt before 🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. My partner pointed out that once the relationship is over there’s no more ties. I used to think that keeping their friendship was necessary but I realized it was keeping me from growing forward. It depends on your own spiritual desires, do you want a partner that brings their past into your future? There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  11. No in-between ? Honestly it's hard to describe some of those dreams, maybe some of them sound like they should be lower but in reality they aren't THAT bad.

  12. I have a Victoria but she’s an old nameless man with a dog and a rumbly pick up truck 😮‍💨

  13. Had a similar dream last night, turned out to be my boyfriend 👀

  14. I do, I’ve always been a vivid dreamer but now that I have intentional experiences it’s the best, secret part of my day!

  15. 😯 Wow, I met my King in 2019 after making some personal changes (improving my relationship with spirituality, self, and my attitude towards life). I would definitely say that before that all I expected and attracted was trash. You’ll attract what you are. Much love to the ladies who realize this and embody what they manifest!

  16. I love the vibes! The color looks great on you too!

  17. I feel that I was once able to be manipulated into someone else’s LOA but once I learned it for my self who cares? I’m in charge now. How else would one learn the difference?

  18. Are you over twisting? How often are you Retwisting?

  19. 😯 that’s not what I expected! Looks amazing!

  20. My baby’s father told me he dreamed of me before when we were dating but didn’t tell me what happened. Shortly there after, I had a baby….. friggin dreams

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