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  1. You still MUST vent as they build up carbon in the air, your curtains get black and air is putrid. We open two windows

  2. Honesty is crucial to my survival. Do you have anyone in your circle that you can call and run this by? Maybe your grand sponsor or and old timer in your area?

  3. Bro you look like you’re straight dying in that tub

  4. Haha yeah it can get really hot and I try to do 15 minutes a day no matter what for detoxing

  5. I’m embarrassed for the authors that they would publish this article and not even venture a guess how much energy the existing financial industry uses. At this point in time, 2022, to talk about bitcoin compute without comparing it to what it would replace is just practically in shyster territory. Seriously who goes to the trouble of publishing a bitcoin paper without comparing it to existing tech. 🤡 clown territory

  6. My parents called the cops on me back in the day when I had mushrooms in the house. Fast forward 25 years and now they go do ayahuasca every year at a bouje Costa Rica retreat center and smoke frog poison on the weekends with their “church”

  7. Hi! Yes and yes! My group lives in Sedona and we are offering some retreats around the area in December and January. Please message me if you'd like to get connected 💜

  8. We travel to AZ a couple times a year to facilitate ceremony. We will be there in November

  9. Hey there. any chance you are offering any ceremony in NM. Could potentially host on my land here.

  10. I got a ganglion cyst in my wrist while using BPC-157, it could be entirely coincidental, but it certainly might not be.

  11. Was that a surgery to remove the cyst or a surgery on the radial tunnel ?

  12. Iboga has helped my chronic pain much more than aya did.

  13. It’s outrageous I keep touching my panis against the tip of cactus like it’s somehow advantageous Courageously hoping that the ageless status of my cactus is contagious It may just await us. But the fact of the matter isn’t unpacked, it’s sadder. The 5 greatest rappers are all Dylan, he stammered. The rest are just scammers and Trichocereusly enamored, spitting hot fire - I rip and I rhyme. I rhyme and I rip. This is the way that Dylan spits.

  14. Dr Hart is just like any other junkie justifying his drug use except he became a Dr before he ever tried drugs.

  15. I take 3 boosters a day. I inject them into my eyes whenever I feel afraid.

  16. It’s a VACCINE. It stimulates your immune system and teaches it a new trick. Jesus.

  17. Get a lawyer now to help you create the legal protection needed when your ex girlfriend has the child.

  18. Oh your breaking up with me and you want to buy me a gift? I’ll take the most expensive thing I can think of then.

  19. Almost all weed flower and products are completely loaded with pesticides, insecticides, and mycotoxins.

  20. I’ve been sober for around a decade, have a sponsor, and sponsor other men.

  21. Jerry looks like one of my white sheep in this photo just bleating away into oblivion

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