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  1. I am a simple bnuuy, I see Bowie, I like. This is amazing work!

  2. The Kiwi fan is extremely good for VRC dancing, that’s what I got it for but it keeps my sweat levels lower in Beat Saber and other stuff also.

  3. Friend you gotta go to a therapist and figure out a better relationship with sex and yourself.

  4. Thanks for the tip, we’ll talk to anyone at this point.

  5. Seconding Linus, they don’t really promo kickstarter products without working prototypes (which it looks like you do have), but they do invest in promising projects.

  6. Will be coming for me soon enough too. Github is pushing mandatory 2FA/MFA in 2023; too, so a bit weird how the rubygems ecosystem was stolen by big mega-corporations. But time to move on anyway, for different reasons ...

  7. Why the hell would you be opposed to rotating key 2FA?

  8. I really needed to hear this. My high school sweetheart husband (been together since 16, about to be 30) just asked me for a divorce.

  9. At least they airdropped people some exit money

  10. 42, I’m gonna slap it on my office wall as a primary art monitor, and this competition ends on my birthday so let’s get it

  11. They will be vested. So only a small portion will have the option to be sold. Probably have another APR program, to draw in greedy liquidity. Ecosystem is pretty big, so time will tell if it can recover.

  12. I’m pretty sure the unlock days will be bloodbaths for the token price on Terra 2.0, one year cliff or not. Too many people lost too much money. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of the wider ecosystem but I’m operating like I’m not. A lot of people, me included, have lost all faith in Do Kwon as a leader. His behavior and lack of communication during the depeg and days before was disappointing.

  13. yeah had 5 mil in a pool, says I have 200k now... I know there is fluctuation, but that is drastic no?

  14. From another comment he had 5m LuNA and the value has caused IL to reduce the LUNA to 200k from 5m

  15. Sheesh okay that’s more reasonable, since I’m assuming he got those 5m after the hyperinflation

  16. I despise Apple and their prices are disgusting

  17. Oh my god you are a programmer with adhd? How are you able to get anything done ?

  18. Imogen, Cybelle, Menha, Dawn, Civil, Stella, Steenie, Kia, Astra, Hope, Ira, Ember, Lucille, Maxima, Juniper, Cat

  19. Wait is Ira a girl name? I’m MTF and that’s already my middle name…

  20. Any plans to integrate tax information like claim amounts, compound amounts, and dates for those?

  21. I do yeah. Everything I own is just because I liked the art, all of it is from smaller artists under $1k USD.

  22. What if you people shut the fuck up in other subreddits for other projects, this off topic stuff is getting annoying

  23. Stay out of Stargaze until they release the marketplace, or try and buy the floor if you’re brave. Take a look at Regen Network and Akash for utility and long term growth, I think those both have a lot of potential.

  24. They reduced staking from 100~ to 20? Didn't know that. If so, the team is probably trying to manipulate the price by reducing inflation drastically. The problem is stars doesn't have any usage until marketplace is up and running.

  25. ^ until the marketplace is up it’s a purely speculative token and I wouldn’t keep your hopes up about the price. Especially if the rest of the market is down STARS will take a hit as people derisk.

  26. yeah thats what you guys do in amsterdam we live in amsterdam you guys do really weird thing in amstererdam

  27. I tried to be an absolutely respectful as possible, mostly just walked around the park and looked at the sky when I took mushies. It’s a beautiful city and the Brits were extremely annoying

  28. Not all of us, I stay clear of the annoying Brits when I travel. And annoying folk from other nations too!

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