1. I thought that was Mario in the background at first

  2. Alan Moore is the chaos option. Some if the movies would be masterpieces, but we'd ever get a single female led movie.

  3. Let’s just hope that if he ever did become DC’s “Kevin Feige” than he won’t do an adaption of Twilight of the Superheroes

  4. It takes place in present day with flashbacks to ancient times

  5. If it’s present day then it should be asked what JSA were doing before this movie? They just sit out several catastrophic events but only shown up when Black Adam appeared?

  6. From what I know, the JSA disbanded and retired decades ago, and then Hawkman and Doctor Fate reformed the Society with Cyclone and Atom Smasher as new members

  7. DC and Cinema as a whole peaked with Green Lantern and it only went downhill after.

  8. Does Hawkman exist in this movie only to have his ass kicked or anything more than that?

  9. That’s pretty much Hawkman in anything where he’s not the main character. Name an adaption of Hawkman where he fights someone and doesn’t lose the fight or dies.

  10. Ok cool, now I don’t have to go see this since they just gave away the movie.

  11. Show me on the doll where The Rock hurt you

  12. This raises a good question... how does Black Adam know English? Does his powers allow him to learn it quickly? English as a language did not exist, in any way, shape or form, 5000 years ago, when he was imprisoned.

  13. One of his powers is extreme wisdom so I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave that as a reason on how he was able to learn English that quickly

  14. I think Peter should have his ups and downs. It shouldn’t be JUST like the comics where the universe is doing everything in its power to make him miserable, but he shouldn’t have everything handed to him

  15. Is Tom Holland or Vin Diesel Lex Luthor?

  16. for a movie that was apparently just "50% finished" that is long runtime, I guess it will be 5hrs long once it is 100% complete

  17. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I remember hearing about that

  18. I think you are talking about that 4Chan post which had no credibility at all

  19. I know that, I’m just sorta making fun of the idea that Andrew is the main Spider-Man because of a similar logo on a van

  20. A bit weird to have a Tim Drake that is older than Batman

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