1. The build looks pretty good. But I wouldn't buy 12th gen right now (even tho it's good). Wait for 13th gen that launches next month. The performance uplift is pretty significant.

  2. Wait for Intel 13th Gen. It will release in ~1 month.

  3. You can get the same performance with a 2% margin for 1200$-1400$ less, just saying. Pretty patheticly put together build.

  4. You can easy find RX6900XT for around €700 where I live (Netherlands). So get the RX6900XT, it has the same performance (and sometimes even better) as the RTX3090 if you lightly overclock it. Get the RX6900XT.

  5. I'd get the RX6900XT. I have mine for around 5 months and have 0 problems with it. 0 stutters, the stability is great. There are also no driver-issues so to speam of. You can comfortably Overclock the RX6900XT without any issues. I pushed mine to the limit and it outperforms my friends RTX3090 by ~5-6%, and the best thing is: 0 stutters again. Stability is great. Get the RX6900XT, the Nvidia cards are overpriced for how they perform.

  6. RX6900XT has the same performance as the RTX3090.. Get the 6900XT, that deal is amazing.

  7. is the 3080 worth it compared to the 3070? i thought the difference was very small

  8. The difference is VERY big. Get the RTX 3080 (or RX6900XT).

  9. MSI Z690 Force WiFi. I'm really happy with mine.

  10. Thanks! Good to hear the reference model is solid...what games do you play and at what resolution/fps?

  11. Hey, I play at 2K wide screen, 165Hz. I play Hell Let Loose, Dirt Rally 2, Battlefield 1 & 4 & 5, The Division 2, TOTAL WAR: Three Kingdoms, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11. Those are the games I'm playing right now. I play all my games at 2K, all settings on Ultra without any issues. Always hit at least ~100fps. The card is really solid.

  12. Perfect my brother has the same specs zero skipping in any of those title? I know RDD is amd favored. Also curious what cpu you have w it

  13. Rocksolid framerate. I currently have a i5 12400, but i will upgrade it to a i7 when gen 13 is released.

  14. Get the RX6600XT, it's worth it for 80 bucks more.

  15. Fuma 2 rev. B I have that one and it keeps my i7 12700K super cool, + it's quiet.

  16. Thanks definitely agree with the RAM and will look into the cpu cooler you recommended

  17. I second this. I have this exact cooler and it keeps my i7 12700K super cool. Really quality cooler.

  18. While I understand upgrading my GPU why should I downgrade my CPU?

  19. Because it's shit for gaming. You can get the exact same peformance in games with the i5 12600K. So you save around $300 right there. Use those $300 to buy a RX6900XT or RTX3080 12gb version. Any of those 2 GPU's will make your gaming pc actually be good at gaming, the i9 12900 won't make any difference, at all.

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