1. Save my exams subscription did generally save my exams

  2. In all honesty it doesnt even feel like 1 month has gone by

  3. You caught up with the manga ?

  4. It was only 20 chaps in the manga so i dont really hate it, but in the anime its probably dreadful

  5. Bottom tier character tomozaki

  6. Fairy Tail manga has 549 chapters and theres some spinoff manga that u dont have to read, and then theres a sequel manga written by Hiro mashima and drawn by Atsuo ueda with 110 chapters so far called Fairy tail 100 years quest

  7. yeah i guess, i hate it though. It makes it so hard to see the ball. I have to sim the whole game.

  8. These are the only anime that have made me cry so far

  9. Sanji is my favourite as well, and his character arc after WCI really cemented him as my favourite strawhat

  10. i know many people hate it but fairy tail. It was my first anime and i just love it.

  11. stop complaining about stupid shit, and just read the manga sheesh.

  12. I don't know tbh since aokiji and sakazuki literally turned punk hazard in to half iceage and half of it in to the sun lmao

  13. It was probably end at the hayaska arc.

  14. It gets more serious now, and season 4 will seem even more different to you.

  15. I hope they stick together cuz im really attached to law and the heart pirates now.

  16. Might as well start reading from the latest chapter. You got spoiled on the whole series

  17. I mean, we all knew this was gonna happen. We were just waiting to see how so it doesn't really spoil much

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