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  1. Qatar is a modern day hell hole. This country is still living in 6th century with 21st century infra and technology

  2. People are acting as if it's all director's mistake. If Prabhas, Kriti, and Saif were smart enough then they would have raised concerns during the shoot. Also, I am sure all of them saw the teaser prior to the release. The assumption that Prabas was angry at OM during the teaser launch is silly especially based on a video of a few seconds. Pretty sure Prabhas had seen the VFX work many months ago. These days actors are very much involved in the post-production process.

  3. Great post back then but I doubt people have money left over today in Turkey to buy BTC, especially with such inflation. In short term for most, it won't make sense to buy BTC. They are better off with USD if they are living paycheck to paycheck. If you have the luxury to plan for the long term then you should defo buy BTC and keep USD handy for daily transactions.

  4. Don't keep it in bank vault. You again will be at the mercy of the bank and this will beat the purpose. Best Solution - Create a mind map and remember the seed phrase. Memorize it once a week to reinforce the words in your mind. Don't say it out loud while doing it and keep the seed phrase written somewhere safe in your house.

  5. 1.) You can buy a steel plate and engrave the seed phrase on it and store it at your home in a locker. These plates are fire-resistant and very durable.

  6. If you think about it he did what needed to be done

  7. Gandhi was an ass imo. His movements were very less effective than what we are told. He was way too soft on the brits and I believe if Subash Bose or Bhagat Singh would have lived longer then we could have attained independence by force rather than by the choice of the brits and India would have been a very different country today. Nehru did some good work but the Nehruvian socialism caused great damage to India. Our economy today could have been close to $10 trillion if Nehruvian socialism did not exist. Obviously, it was Gandhi who chose Nehru as PM.

  8. As a Maharashtrian I was told about his bravery since childhood, I remember my mom telling me about how he escaped prison and also told me about his brutal sentencing in Andaman. Every city in Maharashtra has either a street or a circle (chowk) named after him.

  9. it seems like your documentation comes when so called cryptos were going low good effort. lottery winners or gamblers can document their fire journey as well and don't mind to post it for the benefit of others in this group.

  10. What have you read about Bitcoin? Based on your comment I can surely say not much. I would encourage you to read about it first

  11. once upon a time, more than 12 years back, i downloaded a java program in to my laptop, the group i was working on that time was part of a server engineering team so we have a huge lab with all kind hardwares that noone can imagine was for my personal use to do anything at my will and that java program which i was downloaded was for mining bitcoins, it was just the beginning of these crypto shits, i felt so fishy about these things. if i ran that application in those servers i am sure i will be richer than adani. i felt it was a scam and decided to not spend time with it. cryptos are scamming us based on the economic principal of demand and supply. make something which is scarce to produce and create a demand for it, the price will go up, these kind of scams happens often in our society, tulip mania is just an example, even Newton lost lots of money in it. the real value underlying on these things are zero, if you buy some land you can cultivate something in it or we can earn some rental yeilds. for stocks there is a business behind it, for bonds someone paying interest for it, what is for crypto? shit. we can discuss and debate a lot about religions and its gods, but ultimately has anyone seen a god? nope.then what we are discussing? our imagination, the same is for crypto, we can discuss a lot.. but ultimately what is underlying? computer algorithm. nothing else.

  12. You’re just salty. You never answered my question. What have you read about Bitcoin? You are scams blah blah blah..there are lot scams around real estate, stock market etc but that doesn’t make it bad.

  13. Every financial sub on Reddit hates Bitcoin. Mention Bitcoin is any of these subs and you will be downvoted to infinity.

  14. This post has been removed due to Rule 4: Self-post submission rule. Self-posts title must be descriptive and should provide adequate insight. It should not be just the link and few words. This is exempt for only Non-Political posts. No self promotion, please contact mod team before doing so. Please read our

  15. Wtf? Are you kidding me? How is this self post? Can’t you read and comprehend the title?

  16. This winter is going to be quite interesting for Europe

  17. I have heard ton of pods on Bitcoin but Jack Maller’s Orange pilling the IMF on What Bitcoin did will go down in history. Its a must watch

  18. OP is such an asshole and shallow person for posting this here. The real facepalm is you

  19. Last bear market felt like a bull market compared to this. Lol.

  20. Nah, bro. Q4 2018 was horrible. This is way better. We have so much more support in terms of more books, blogs, pods, and documentaries on Bitcoin. There was little to no hopium back then. It was just mostly Bitcoin Twitter and Reddit. We have so many more retail investors now and you can see the uptick in the number of Bitcoin meetups all across the world.

  21. Really liked your post until you hinted towards buying shitcoins. Overall good post still but pls stay away from shitcoins and metaverse bs. Keep it simple and DCA in Bitcoin.

  22. Pls don’t sell buddy. In a few years you will look like genius if you hodl. Patience is the key.

  23. Our jury is just plain stupid. Sardar Udham was an awesome movie and could have spread what the brits did to us. RRR will definitely get nominated.

  24. Their idea of freedom of speech includes suppressing the FoS of their opposing views. Opposing views are automatically bigoted acc to them

  25. They are highly bigoted and most often very unproductive. Little to no contribution to their countries GDP. I mean look at Kanhayya. Fucking freeloader. Living off tax payers money.

  26. Kanhaiya only has negative contributions to this country

  27. There is no such thing as Liberal muslim. When it comes to religion they are all islamists and many are unapologetic about it. Its really that simple. There has been no reforms in Islam and never will be for same reason cos when it comes to their faith then all bets are off. No ifs and buts..that’s how they act. They are not interested in dialogue or debate.

  28. Don’t engage with him he seems mentally disturbed. Look at his comments. Let him be. He is frustrated irl most likely

  29. Today I’ll sleep while listening to raju chicha’s unfunny jokes

  30. this video was uploaded in the year 2020.

  31. Haan toh? Read my comment - Indian youth has always been like this. 2000 k b video nikala na phir b yahi dikhega

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