1. Tomato sauce wasn't allowed anywhere near a fried egg. If you were having egg and chips, she wouldn't even allow the sauce bottle on the table. HP or chop sauce, no problem.

  2. Okay that is very specific! Have you had a fried egg with tomato sauce in adulthood? What did you think?

  3. Manchester's two and half hours on the train and there are plenty of central flats in that price-bracket.

  4. Was a fan of Noosha and the boys. Imagine Me, Imagine You and Only You Can being the other singles that spring to mind. Found an album of theirs at an antique market last year so obviously had to buy it.

  5. As a 16 year old I was allowed to smoke whilst working my weekend job in a high street shop.

  6. 24th November Brazil match is marked as the wrong group, isn’t it?

  7. A few years back we had three members from S Club.

  8. Yes. It was awful. I went to fourth grade for only one year and moved on to the 5th grade. The horror of it all.

  9. Someone also created world cup calendars in google and apple although this is much prettier.

  10. There are loads of great ones out there but since the last World Cup I wanted something miles more simple. Literally, a piece of paper on my fridge with all the kick off times from day one to the final.

  11. Can you send me the template for that? I'd like that on my fridge, but I have to change the time zone.

  12. Through my 90s childhood and teenage years it was quite normal to say.

  13. Ah man, I'm constantly trying to help my dad through this minefield. Most difficult was telling him he couldn't refer to people as "coloured", which was fine until recently when the phrase "people of colour" became a thing. You can imagine how that confuses an bloke in his 80s.

  14. Put it in a trolley and wander around the car park until someone offers you a quid for it.

  15. Yes I added a lot of cornstarch and water mix. However I did not use chili oil. I also do not have msg

  16. A "lot" of cornstarch and water won't do anything for the flavour, you're filling the meal with tasteless extras. You haven't give quantities but from the picture I'd think one tablespoon each of cornflour and water should be enough to thicken it up without diluting the flavour.

  17. Blocking driveways is legal seemingly, had to block my own driveway because of an arsehole who now can’t afford petrol so his car is sat rotting across the road

  18. I'm probably totally wrong but IN MY HEAD I thought it was legal to block an empty driveway but not one with a car in it.

  19. Absolutely loved our Christmas Parties when I worked for a proper company. Some of us would consider 3pm a bit of a late start so we'd meet up at noon in a subterranean Manchester bar to get a head start.

  20. For the uninitiated, The Freshies were the project of Chris Sievey, who is more famous as cult comedy figure Frank Sidebottom (who grew out of a thing he'd do for The Freshies' opening act, which became more popular than the band).

  21. Famous for the semi-hit "I'm in Love with the Girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk"

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