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  1. But in all reality you can plant them, and go harvest them whenever you feel like it (example harvest your herbs 3 days after you plant them) but the real issues at hand is to be efficient with farming it has to be daily scape. And too many people nowadays put too much emphasis on efficiency, when instead they should emphasize the fun. Do whatever you want to even if it doesn't feel efficient. After all, it's just a game and it's not a race. Sure, make goals, and do the grinds, but also if you're feeling drained from "efficiency scape" just go chill with some friends do mediocre tasks that may not be super efficient but fun instead.

  2. He has multiple because this way when some idiot takes his gun, he has another to shoot them with. Duhhhhhhh

  3. If you used silencershop and the timeline is showing as “certified” in green and “awaiting atf approval” in orange then you are just in the waiting game now. If you haven’t gotten with your dealer about certifying and using the atf eForm username and PIN number, then your wait time has not started yet.

  4. Oof. So I haven't even started after about a month now. Great. What's taking so long to start?

  5. Took me getting a good holster from tier 1 concealed.

  6. I'm 175 pounds. Eat like a pig. And have no issues. My buddy is 300 pounds and has no issues. We both use tier 1 concealed holsters rocking full size Glocks with comps and red dots with sidecar spare mags.

  7. my wife can easily my g17 and cz shadow 2

  8. Honestly. I've carried my wife's 48 a few times, and I must say, even with the red dot, light, and comp, it feels like nothings there since it's so slim width wise. But I usually carry my glock 19x.

  9. I used to use my rmr. But I swiped it to add as a 45° on my rifle. Now I've got a swampfox justice to try out a much larger window. So far I'm digging it. Got a tlr1hl as well. And agency arms comp.

  10. Oh fuck, I thought this was my state’s subreddit. Now I see what you mean🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  11. All good. After I quickly Googled west coast shooting range and it didn't come up, it's in mulberry Florida.

  12. Well if I’m ever in FL I know where to find a based range. Unlikely though as I can’t stand the heat

  13. I can't stand snow lol but God I hate living in the state people flee to when north states get cold.

  14. Would it work well for range if I decided to get a suppressor on a 16” 5.56?

  15. My 14.5" barrel works great even out to 800 yards. Sure it's not slapping the same exact spot on the target each time, but don't let someone say you can't hit 800 with even a 14.5, or 16" barrel. It's just not as good as the 18/20. Your grouping will open up a slight amount. But super precise shooting is what I have a bolt action rifle for.

  16. I took an angle grinder to my friends. Wasn't near as easy as it looks.

  17. I agree lol I was trolling for the haters lol. I love o light agreed. I posted a red ar and got wrecked on here lol. I re did it more red going to post soon

  18. It seems that this would curb the administration’s commanding of the ATF to interpret the Gun Control Act differently to contort the definition of what a firearm. Biden did this through an executive action earlier this year. It seems like everything that this administration highlighted in the link below is open to litigation.

  19. You mean to change a law, there should be proper council and voting used to decide whether or not it is acceptable? Wowzers... who'd have thunk it.

  20. Streamline, compact, and out of the way! Looks like I need to drop mine 🤪

  21. Unless your landlord is going to be armed security for your building. Like others said, be quiet about it, he can get bent. Better you have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. The whole idea of a firearm is its a tool nobody knows you have.

  22. Yeah seeing that kind of made me regret getting my ccw. As now it's being used against us. And again like I already said. The whole point is nobody knows you have it. Until 2019 I hadn't bought a single gun except through private sale and didn't have my ccw. Now half my guns I bought from a store and I have a ccw. Should've stuck to my ways.

  23. I'm more curious on what someone was doing in your backyard with a glock fawty

  24. Right, 20 bucks to stick 30 in my problem solver. Had 1 mag loaded in my car for over a year. Very hot and very cold. Then inside my house a year. Ran just fine. Those feed lips are still tight.

  25. Can confirm, I have 3 on my PC/Belt setup and use em at the range at least twice a month, always loaded, and always feed. Been a year and a half now. Best glock mags I've had.

  26. Was approved at 406 this week for my first one. Second one is still pending at 352..

  27. Hey us paper form 4 boys have it rough too. 6/7/21 for me and still waiting

  28. The difference between assets and inventory is that a company sells inventory to make money.

  29. I understand my terminology and statement held zero sense and legal ground. Was just being funny lol 😁

  30. I'm confused, are you attempting t argue with me somehow? Because I actually agree with pretty much everything you said. Still, .30-30 is not a military round and would not be useful in a military context, so arguably it wouldn't be protected by the Constitution.

  31. Why does it have to have military use? It's an arm. It's protected.

  32. The second amendment does not define arms, therefore the definition of arms is common language.

  33. I'll extend with: meaning any and all arms. Aka weapons/equipment.

  34. I carry appendix 99.9% of the time. Spend the time and $ finding a good belt and holster. You have to acclimate to it btw.

  35. Me as well, tier 1 holster with spare mag, glock 19x, tlr1 light, and what is I believe an agency arms comp.

  36. Speaking as a SS dealer, once it’s submitted it’s stays under a submitted folder until it’s approved. It is a good idea to verify everything shows as submitted and cashed via SS website before forgetting about it.

  37. And then possibly for another 90 days.

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