1. I'm new to stage screens, where could I buy a cheap and/or used one so I can begin with? are there any accessories besides the screen that I'm not considering?

  2. it accentuates different aspects of your signal. each tone setting has a lock in on a particular frequency range, and the boost knob will raise that frequency accordingly. In the words of who I acquired it from, as well as Amos from Tesseract who referred to his U5 as his ‘secret weapon’, it functions a lot like an EQ, but has a unique warmth and character that a normal EQ won’t have.

  3. Do you prefer to use the use the U5 at the end or beginning of the chain?

  4. I have had this multiple times I just refresh the browser and it works. Only happen when I'm using my browser, brave. Never happens to me on the mobile app

  5. Had this issue with samba share, login in with firefox, this option worked for me, thank you.

  6. Please tell me you have some demo of it, that rig looks absolutely killer!

  7. I don't currently, but I can take a vid for ya and show off a couple tones and things I've been messing with in the next couple days, my band rehearses a few times a week so I'll have plenty of opportunity to go plug in :)

  8. Please do, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it, no matter what the recording quality is, it is always very helpful an fun to listen to fine rigs like this one.

  9. Why did you put your tone hammer on the fx loop? I'm guessing you are using it as an overdrive when you do not want a full darkglass distorion is that it?

  10. Have you connected it to a PC with the GT-10b librarian software?

  11. That's the thing, the multiband compressor does not emulate any pedal or third-party effect, is just like a GT-10B feature, I was wondering if by the sound of it someone could identify a pedal that does that, whether analog or digital. I just used it for that and ended up selling it to buy just a comp and going back to my pedalboard.

  12. Get a WFH data entry job, subcontract that shit with fiverr, repeat

  13. I've applied for data entry with no success so far in Monster, do you have another source that resulted to you before?

  14. If I understand correctly, you're looking for a remote job in Sweden but due to the time zone difference, it will be night shift for you in Mexico? Confusing post when you could just have mentioned that you're looking for a remote job in Sweden.

  15. Night shift in Sweden, daytime (mostly) in Mexico. You're right, I tend to over-explain everything.

  16. Oh sorry, it was me who misunderstood. By using some common sense I could've avoided it. Then you're right in mentioning night shift. Doubt there are such remote jobs here.

  17. That's a great pedal, I love mine. Mine had a half dead buffer, but I sent it out to Fromel to get modded and they fixed that right up. If you have problems with it sucking tone when it's disengaged, hit them up. It's worth the time and money IMO.

  18. I bought mine with visible mistreat signs and thought I would just experiment with it and change it for a newer model, love it to this day, that thing is built like a tank.

  19. OMG that microbass 🤩, can't help with th envelope suggestions thou

  20. Interesting. Unfortunately the Simplifier has the be last in line due to me being ampless.

  21. Two effects loops in a single pedal are not that common, that's why I would try to get the most of them, I use an LS2 to run a parallel clean channel for the distortion and fuzz and it works great for me.

  22. If you speak English And Spanish I would try either some type of translation service or lessons as someone is always needing to know another language

  23. I've considered the translation services but honestly I'm not even sure where to start.

  24. I speak Spanish and almost had a stroke trying to figure it out as well, Is not a common expression in Mexico as far as I'm concerned.

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