1. Kenka isn’t good but the turkey testicles were pretty delicious. The bill penis was a flavorless rubber band.

  2. Took them this long to figure out NYers ignore dat shit.

  3. They don't have the v in the old English w is made in the old English and also u thats why

  4. How could we not have cash bail for miscreants who have no intention of returning to court?

  5. People keep bringing this stuff up like cash bail has anything to do with it. If they had a cash bail they would have just paid the tiny amount and been on the streets anyways. It's a waste of resources.

  6. Who says it's tiny? Bail used to be set at a judge's discretion based on the likelihood a perp would return for proceedings. 1000K is a lot of money when you don't have that much to begin with.

  7. American drivers have a tough time just getting the f out of the way. Most consider themselves volunteer speed enforcers or frustrated parade grand marshals.

  8. Who was the shortest player in MLB history? I vote Freddy Patek.

  9. Have you ever seen Altuve standing next to Judge? That’s exactly like this picture, lol.

  10. Have you seen anyone standing next to judge?

  11. Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

  12. The problem with this is that we already know that there are crimes being committed on the subway on a daily basis. Creating an evidence trail would only allow the cops to pick and choose who they want to prosecute according to the whims of the current mayoral administration.

  13. It'll be assigned to the 3-1-1 people, who apparently don't have much to do.

  14. I don't think it's wise to do anything that would distract you from the crazies.

  15. I only answer the door for people I expect, i.e. friends, family, deliveries. All others can FO.

  16. A license plate frame should take care of that. Be sure it doesn't also cover the state name.

  17. Because the Bills are the only New York NFL team

  18. It's all about shit taking place in their heads: frustration, hate, entitlement, anxiety, etc. A New York Times reporter once proposed that car horns be legally required to also sound in the passenger compartment.

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