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  1. This was me a week ago. And I’ve only half decorated two biomes. I’m so indecisive

  2. this is genuis, I never do the fenced in method because they shoot over the entire of forgotten lands and even after removing all the trees they're hard to collect...then the blue shimmer dissapears and im left picking up 200+ pumpkins by hand

  3. Let me know how it goes! Hope it works out for you the way it did for me.

  4. Not in the game yet. Sometime this month I think

  5. Anything is possible with computers. They can cg his face in, or reuse old footage. As long as it’s respectful, and as long as they got the ok from his family, I wouldn’t mind that. It would also be closure for the fans watching. I’m sure I would cry. Like a baby.

  6. I think I read somewhere they were working on having skins for your house. So keep your fingers crossed!

  7. Very nice! Have you noticed a difference in spawn rate after moving them from their biome?

  8. Not really. Everything still spawns at a reasonable time. Some faster than others. But nothing crazy

  9. Personally, yeah, I think that's too many lights. Looks crowded.

  10. I’ll take the advice and only keep the lights on the outside. Thanks!!

  11. This! Just give her lots of flowers or cooked meals. You don’t need to give her only her favourite gifts of the day. I maxed out Ursulas and Ariels friendship really fast this way.

  12. Call the police. I’m about to steal something…

  13. I had to adjust the sensitivity in the settings for the same reason. It’s better now. Play around with that setting

  14. switch version seems a little bit buggier atm, ive noticed that if i press, select what seed i want then press and hold my char will stand there for a bit, THEN go and plant a line, like hes wondering what he should be doing then remembers he has a fistfull of pumpkin seeds

  15. Yea. This is true. You need to be patient and just hold the button. The planting is a bit delayed sometimes.

  16. Same here. I panicked for a good 10 minutes lol

  17. I’m hoping that’s what the vault is for in his shop. Maybe in a future update.

  18. It’s a glitch. If you restart the game you will start to see the items on the cart.

  19. "I'm just going to ride it out at home. No need to evacuate."

  20. Typical Floridian speak. My parents live in Florida. Moved there from jersey. And I swear it dumbed them down even more than they already were

  21. Wow what a sweetheart of a child you are. They must be so proud.

  22. Yea. They regret having me. It’s all good.

  23. It was only 200. Don’t be dramatic lol

  24. I came here to say this. I failed in being first. 😔

  25. The doors you receive are decorative only. I use them for false closets, pantry, unknown rooms, ect

  26. I got my fingers crossed we're getting neverland one day 🤞🏻

  27. I can picture Aladdin and scar both being in the plateau. Already kinda deserty

  28. Or we can use the existing map. I just finished all the quests and started redecorating. I put all the houses in the plaza and meadow. All the other biomes are completely empty. I’d say we have enough room lol

  29. I love this show. And this made me love it more. Great marketing, also, finally someone is marketing towards the dead. They need entertainment too

  30. that's where I'm at too. selling pumpkins, buying furniture,and giving companion animals treats make up my day in the game til we get some new content goin'! I'm happy to no longer grind for clay or iron.. my fingers get a small break XD

  31. I would still grind if I were you. Wait until they add new characters and they ask for 200 iron ingots to craft a statue 😂

  32. This was me yesterday!!! Than I instantly spent 3 hours decorating my plaza with furniture and stuff I already had in my inventory. This will keep me busy for the next three weeks until they add scar. Can’t wait for that too!!

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