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  1. Effective treatment is not the same as a cure. It's not 100% effective or effective 100% of the time. And to those who are diagnosed late in life, in adulthood. We often carry way more , than simply just ADHD. We have to often reinvent ourselves, deal with trauma, more than 70% of us have secondary stress related disorders, like anxiety, depression, ptsd or ocd.

  2. -you're in a meeting--puts hand up to say something--the speaker points to you-

  3. I think timing is key. While it may be nice to be ahead of the game and be upfront. It can lead people to see you as your diagnosis if you're too quick on when you mention it. I've learned to mention it only when the worst symptoms are acting out.

  4. Pretty sure he's only claiming to be in the spectrum to get more recognition.

  5. no, have you seen any interview with the guy? rarely eye contact, thinks faster than he can speak, stumbling into words. Clear as day, on the spectrum.

  6. As a matter of fact I am. I'm not dictating his disorder, he announced it himself.

  7. If it's a long and active day, you can fill me with caffeine and I'll sleep like a baby.

  8. Bunny hop to faceplant, hope it gets more points than the teeth he needs replacing.

  9. do the quests while you get used to the game, don’t just go around trying to find animals to kill, that gets boring.

  10. I think the problem with a cure is that it would definitely be used on people who don’t require it and can live perfectly good lives with some accommodations and understanding. It would likely be given to children without their consent just because some parents think autism is some awful life-ruining thing, especially if a child is non-verbal (even if they may be able to communicate another way through accommodations).

  11. Correct, I think looking for more tools that allow for communication and more teaching methods, that could help develop more self-reliance would be much more beneficial than any cure.

  12. Please tell me this is a joke? Probably isn't, knowing how bad these corporate, irl Mr. Krabs, 'moneybags for eyes', actually are.

  13. Det er da smart at pendler kan risikere at blive sparket af hvis deres mobil dør for strøm og få klækkelig bøde trods de har betalt 😹 må håbe folk ikke har iphone. Så har de et problem med at holde liv i deres lille mobil 😹

  14. Someone who knows very little about football here, I wanted to know, it was the goalie who did something stupid here right?

  15. Goalie set the ball down without looking at the attacker. The attacker reached him before he could react. Oblivious goalkeeper at fault.

  16. I dont see Firefox Nightly (nearly identical with other FF builds, but if you have 4 Chromes why not have 3 Firefox')

  17. This right here. Weird how everyone just accepts violence when it’s some kind of “lower” life form. What if it were a small mammal, perhaps even a pest? A snake? A cat or small dog? When does this kind of violence cross over into psychopathology? It’s a fine line.

  18. Not really that fine, the amount of electric signals to the brain are significantly lower, the amount of 'processing power' isn't even comparable.

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