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  1. Ye my lizard does this to idk why it’s weird

  2. The lizard shed process is fascinating and weird. This is the first time I remember this pattern of shed for her. Our other dragon has an almost perfectly round circle on one side of her back.

  3. Like tryna eat a wriggly donut the size of a car tire

  4. Thirty minutes later she was still dragging it around. It did look slightly deflated

  5. Y’all are cute! Does living in the desert effect their brumation cycles? (As opposed to living somewhere where it gets darker and colder in the winter)

  6. Thank you! We have not had a brummation here. Have noticed that our beardies have gotten a little less active and more moody during January and February, but that's all. Our vet says that hers don't brummate down here either.

  7. This picture is epic. Would you be willing to let me pick your brain about traveling with a bearded dragon? I want to get one some day and this is absolute goals!!

  8. Sure. We haven't made any major trips yet, but we have our first overnight adventure planned.

  9. Just donated to the Ukrainian army through National Bank of Ukraine. There's a link in the Washington Post article from a couple of days ago

  10. More safe in winter than summer, but make sure someone knows where you are going and when you plan to return. Ya, don't wear headphones.

  11. Yes, she is! We have her on a diet but it doesn't seem to matter.

  12. My beardie has also decided she loves the Christmas tree. I turn my back for five seconds and she has skittered across the floor and halfway up the tree. It's adorable. Love your beardie! So cute!

  13. The eegee's at Sarnoff and Broadway does not have outdoor seating, but it is pretty close to Jesse Owens park? You might have some luck arranging a spot for your teens to hang at a park that's just near an eegee's, like that, as well, if you are looking for other options

  14. My advice would be to go somewhere that doesn't have terrible food, then sit outside there

  15. Lol! You're not wrong, but I am catering to the needs of a pack of teens all fall break.

  16. Yes, it’s off the highway when driving to Bisbee. I’m not sure if there is a hiking trail though but it is beautiful.

  17. Beardies double down on the "semi" in semi-arborial for sure!

  18. So thankful this happened finally. As a grad student going back to teaching next week, this helps put some of my mind at ease, but we'll see how they direct us to handle it. Small shout out to our ASU & UoA Union (UCW Arizona) for getting a petition and some

  19. So, kids and parents have the choice to spread the Delta variant. Some seriously happy horse shite here

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