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  1. The richest man in the world complaining about 80 million dollars…

  2. I also have the long range ordered and the same thing happened to me. This is the second time it has happened as well. If it does end up taking that long, more time to save up for a bigger down payment!

  3. Non American here, how is using credit smarter?

  4. A lot of credit cards here give cash back and other rewards for using them. The cash back is usually broken into tiers or levels. For example, Travel gives you 5%, gas and groceries gives you 3%, then a base tier at 1.5% for any other purchase that does not fit in those levels.

  5. Honestly, it sounds like you have a dream job. IMO work life balance is very important and it seems like you found the perfect balance. To give general advice, it really depends on what you want to do for your future. If you want to keep focusing on yourself more, keep working QA since you have time to give yourself. If you want to work on your career, SRE is not a bad move at all.

  6. Are you just trying to make your domain point to the Wordpress site vs the google site you built?

  7. Honestly, there is nothing they can do to redeem themselves in my eyes short of them making the game into the RPG we were promised.

  8. I’m holding out on some hope. The story so far has been enjoyable for me. I also just find it odd for them to just cut out such a key part of the game. I wonder if planned to tell more of the back story through DLC.

  9. I would be down for that. It does seem like a great time V and Jackie was having before everything goes down the toilet.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t help but laugh when the montage ended out of disbelief. I also didn’t think Jackie would die so quick. Something felt odd to me which is why I’m thinking they broke the game in parts, and what we’re playing is part two.

  11. This may have already been said. Might also just be a me thing. Just thought it was a funny oversight

  12. Disc. Digital licenses are more like leases. I like to physically own my property as much as possible. The only games I don’t mind owning digitally are online multiplayer games since those have a shelf life and will be worthless whenever they decide to shut down their servers.

  13. Couldn’t Sony just revoke the game still? I agree with you and all but couldn’t they still not let you play the game on the console if they chose? Kinda like putting in a pirated version of the game.

  14. The only way they could revoke my ability to play a physical game is by bricking my console. Even console bans are generally just psn bans. You can still play your physical games.

  15. I see your point. I guess I thought maybe they could write in a line of code that says “if dark souls, no play” or something like that haha

  16. I’d look at API’s like Twilio, or google vision API and maybe see if you can make a project from that. Maybe a project that can take a SMS message, format it and push it to an email or database. Maybe a project that can take a pic of a food label and return the nutrient info in JSON format.

  17. Haha I understand your frustration completely. All those queries should work. Let me try to play with the API and see if I have any luck with it!

  18. Okay so doing some testing with the API it looks like you can also tell the server the radius location with passing the distance parameter.

  19. Well technically, that's the point. I don't see how hashing on the client is better (or worse for that matter) than hashing on the server. Why is one better over the other?

  20. I didn't mean MIM attacks, I can myself connect to the website and start the tests right. Either way, no difference, correct?

  21. Yes you totally could. Could definitely run a python script that has a whole list of passwords and send requests to the server till one matches.

  22. I want to know how to keep my login on firefox and telegram, youtube any website. I want to open the browser and have everything logged in just like I have when I don't use Python.

  23. The way your browser does it is through some type of authentication token. So it is not logging you in every time really. The browser, say firefox, simply shares some data with an authentication endpoint on the server, like youtube and telegram, as well as some type of authentication token and sees if things match up.

  24. Is there any way to open chrome with selenium using that information so that things match up and I can have everything logged in?

  25. Hmmmm well usually you do this using headers. I did a quick google search and I don’t think selenium gives the options of adding headers.

  26. When you run everything are you using python or python3?

  27. I found my error. It's inside the setup file. I missed an underscore. pymodules should be py_modules.

  28. Ahhh haha. Nice find! I’m glad you found the fix!

  29. Just to add another thought, if you want to round up or down to the nearest whole integer, or in your case a percentage, you can use the math library.

  30. I would say Django is the best way to start. As far as hosting the site? You could use AWS, Microsoft azure, Digital Ocean and others.

  31. I don’t think he’s even a Disney character....

  32. In the movies could Vision be able to lift the hammer because of the stone? It is the mind stone after all.

  33. No it is not likely it is attributed to mind stone. In the comics there is a sentence that reads: “No living being can lift Mjolnir”. He is not “alive” in the conventional sense. He is an android, a machine. He lifts it because he is not a living thing. It also links back to Vision being noble as he is on “the side of life”.

  34. Ahhhh okay that makes sense. As you stated with what they said in the movie, it would be no different than an elevator lifting Mjølnir.

  35. Would you share your code, so that it's relevant to the sub?

  36. Oh sorry! At work atm but I’ll put a link to GitHub for the code once I get home! I have repository for it but I haven’t updated that branch with the most recent commit

  37. Looking forward to seeing how you built it!

  38. Added the repo! Let me know if there is anything I can improve on. Thank you!

  39. The eyes in the background are even creepier

  40. I think he’s talking about pure force strength

  41. Reminded me of a family guy episode when Peter gets his forklift license

  42. Silver ain’t much but thanks for helping me. Can’t believe it was just that. I’m going to hook my ssd up and all and see how things go

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