1. My neighbor does this, and let’s the dog bark all day. It’s very sad how little attention they give the dog.

  2. Looking for unique and impressive, and if I’m being completely honest, no

  3. ‘I don’t care about privacy personally’ 🤦

  4. Downvoted, but anonymity is good enough for me. I still hold some SCRT but haven’t sent a single private transaction, probably the same as everyone who downvoted me.

  5. Kujira APR never was even close to 15-20%. Record was 3.35% On the fomo spike.

  6. See the date.... that was Kujira on Luna Chain. They are 3 months old in Cosmos, they recreated the chain and started from scratch. Not even the same system.

  7. There's a massive bot problem on all community apps. New accounts are free to make for scammers and scammers can make unlimited accounts.

  8. My understanding is, people turning left are automatically at fault (even though we're no fault now?? I'm still confused on this) just like when, regardless how it came about, if you rear end someone you're automatically at fault. If I'm wrong please correct me but I recall a police officer saying something to this effect when I accidentally took the bumper off a lady who was turning left onto Springfield from Ambrosi.

  9. I’ve been wondering about this, looks to me like it was a red light in which I hope the person turning left is not at fault…

  10. Looks like it was a bad investment… don’t see anything about wallets being compromised

  11. Ha, I just checked their website, and you’re wrong. Chirpy little cuck lord. You don’t get rewards on the stride network, the value of stATOM goes up over time

  12. I mean technically he’s not wrong and neither are you. You do get rewards from stride but the rewards are automatically accrued to the token.

  13. Sometimes you just gotta stir the pot a little bit

  14. Movement of the chart to the right is expected too

  15. Yes it will definitely go right. There is approximately 0% chance it will go left. It is also unlikely to go negative but TA won’t tell you that.

  16. This is not a Fire department connection, it is a test header for the fire pump. Once a year the sprinkler contractor has to come in and hook up hoses with a hose monster to run the fire pump and flow water to make sure it meets the numbers required. Each one of those hose valves run 250 gallons per minute, with 12 of them it should be a 3,000 gallon per minute fire pump. That’s why they ran a 10” test header line out to it, putting a lot of trust into that riser clamp that is bolted down with 1/2” rod into mortar. A FDC is usually a Siamese with two female hose connections that rotate independently, and has signage for the fire department to identify what it is. This test header has male hose valves for testing.

  17. Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to hard pipe this to exterior instead of so many hose valves?

  18. IBC is for any chain, there is no limitation to it. both PoW and PoS chains can connect to IBC

  19. yes, they can. please don't spread miss information. A chain does not have to be a cosmos SDK in order to connect to IBC. It's a universal cross chain standard

  20. Well if they can, it must be quite difficult. Why haven’t any chains done so?

  21. Confirmation bias. Not subjective at all

  22. Hype from community about how this would be big.

  23. The hype has been about interchain security, which is very big. No one has been hyping tokenomics because no one knows what it is yet

  24. Dot is my biggest regret as an investment, along with acala, moonbeam, etc…. Not because they’re down so much, but because I used their platforms, didn’t like them, and still didn’t sell. That was my bad

  25. Yes but bear in mind that two things could happen

  26. Has there been any secret airdrops? I’ve been holding for awhile and haven’t got any

  27. Jackal will be airdroped some time around end of October.

  28. 1 Huahua per transaction? Let me sell my bag, I’m not paying to make the coin deflationary, dumbest shit I ever heard

  29. For real? 1 Huahua is $0.00013 on Osmosis right now. Not exactly breaking the bank.. my PC probably spends more in electricity while I do a transaction. If I spent 1 huahua per minute, 24/7, for 30 days it would cost me $5.616 to do 43,200 transactions.

  30. Exactly, what’s the point? Just a stupid gimmick

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