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  1. When you say just convert it, I am hearing from others that I can perform this conversion inside of coin base if I ask for help from Coinbase customer service. Is this what you mean? Mr. flavors?

  2. There is an option I’m pretty sure no need for customer service

  3. Entry point is good jus gotta hold and hope the whales don’t keep the price low

  4. oh so it’s like a dividend for crypto currency’s? And is there a catch for that and how can I stake coins on those online wallets (besides coinbase)?

  5. Different sites have different returns so look for one that suits you make sure the site is legit and secure beforehand

  6. If you use binance lite, switch to pro then click the more icon, this’ll unveil a number of stuff but look for staking(looks like a safe) click on then then search the coin you want to stake

  7. Sold more than you received in reflections, it’ll go back up

  8. Was bound to happen, was it not Kanye trying to keep them off social media? But no he was in the wrong been ‘crazy’ He just knew that it’ll come out that their mother is only famous for a porn video

  9. Yea, if you stake 420mil you get 69% apy.

  10. To make up the 10% we lost in a couple days, let us know when it hits 25%+ and maintains

  11. From my experience most of the packs are fake, however if your plug isn’t a 🔔end the weed should be proper cali

  12. What did you first get in if you don’t mind me asking

  13. As long as the burn rate stays good and the supply slowly goes down shib should slowly increase price as it gets less available

  14. It gets like thst you hodl until your profits or until you need the cash! Hope you don’t miss much and atleast you still got some left!

  15. The person who got me onto ADA got it when it was pennies and sold around 50p I got in around 20p so in decent profit but for me it’s a long term plans

  16. Every little helps!!! It’ll build up and people who hodl will be rewarded!!!

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