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  1. Your phone will automatically pick what’s available to you, even if you tell the phone to strictly pick up 5g if 5g isn’t available or strong enough where you are it’ll pick up whatever is strongest and available

  2. When I set my phone to 5g only in a 4g area, it gets no service because i set it to 5g only. It does not pick up what's available if you told it to exclude such in the settings.

  3. Trust me it is NOT the FreeMasons - I am a master mason 32nd degree and its not us at all ! Were against it - Im targeted and im a master mason soo. no way ! trust me

  4. Bull fucking shit, freemasons are highly involved. Go fuck yourselves you satanic fucks!

  5. I'm going to need some sources on the claim about fluoride. In APA format, preferably.

  6. The nazis used it in their concentration camps to sedate and calm the enslaved populace. Wouldn't you know operation paperclip brought over lots of German NAZI scientists after their defeat. Shortly after this some guy named VAN Braum or some shit became director/head of NASA and he was a German Nazi scientist! Shortly after the moon landings were faked but not before van braum met with Walt Disney himself!! You need to wake the fuck up and stop trusting 'trusted' sources...smh

  7. Very insane connections; totally agree. And I do believe fluoride can harm the pineal gland. Because my cousin was a neurosurgeon at the best hospital in the country, and this was brought up by her.

  8. How would they know about your mental abilities?? With that question, I would like to present to you the National Education Association of America founded by the Rockefellers and/or Rothschilds and the 'testing' they do of kids for 13 years, if not longer. I honestly have a strong suspicion that TIs are found early on by the schooling system and its tests. Think about it, what a great way to search out persons that could become problematic to the system should they ever succeed in life by assessing the mental powers and where their morals lie. Schools would be the perfect place. I belive this is the main goal of GS, to prevent the system from going off course. I mean, look what they did to Trump. If any president was ever a TI, it was Trump. Anyhow, that's how they know. I mean, all our medical records, educational records, phsych evals, financial records, group affiliations, etc. are all at the government's fingertips

  9. I hear a constant mumble it seems.. in the beginning it sound like a faint fuck this kid...

  10. So this was a comment regarding the fact that alot of these people pretending to be Jewish and Christian are actually freemasons/Satanists pretending to be Jewish/Christian so as to infiltrate such organizations. Why the fu%$! was this reported as hate speech?? This app is such a communist/status fucking virtual regime! Gfys reddit!

  11. Where the fuck is the water coming from!?

  12. Could be a star but I have my doubts it is. Here's why: the shot appears to be in the country, away from the majority of any city lights but maybe not seeing as how there is only one 'star' that is visible. But not any other star is visible, which tells me the light pollution is great enough to drown out all the stars, but one? I'd say it's more likely a planet than a star. Need more data really like where is the shot taken from, and what direction, etc..

  13. Um,, wtf did he do? You put something in the way of the waterflow...congratulations..??

  14. Yikes! They are the tips of my fingers. I was trying to disguise the paint on my hand.

  15. Gosh damn that's good to hear! I thought you had one of the worst most recent cases of meth sores I've seen!

  16. Been there...ha. Now I'm wire-ing..haha

  17. And they got me using drugs again after being clean for nearly year, lmao. Obviously it was my own choice but anyone who's been addicted to anything knows how hard it can be to say "no" when it's right there in your face.

  18. If they influenced you down the wrong path, then that's a red flag for the relationship. Honestly, ur honey trap story sounds a lot like mine 2 years ago. Except for it was an ex who was hard core pushing me back in to drugs, and she just was released from SAFE P, which from what I hear is a snitch farm. And honestly, as soon as she entered my life I went down hill. So had to cut her loose, forever this time. I'm sure she was bait for me, as she has ties to tweakers and LE due to her own criminality, and her siblings are both military officers which explains the military/cop involvement I see. One is involved in human sciences/psychology. Coincidence??

  19. Ah, and I see they are 'enlightening' you, through brighting

  20. They cause accidents to take your vehicle away from you, and I imagine your life as well is just an added bonus to them of they can get both. I have been made carless by them twice now. Accidents that just don't make any gosh damn since other than a targeted attack.

  21. We are slaves with lots of material goodies!! Lol

  22. Black & Yellow Remix ft. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, etc. Shit would be dope, like when they say 'boom!' would go perfectly with the timing of a goal. Wish I could record just that clip and then some and post it here..

  23. Absolutely. You know, sometimes I think back to what all those democrats were saying back when Trump was in office...oh yeah...'if you see them in public, if you see them in a restaurant you confront them. You tell them they're not welcomed there.' Pretty sure that was Pelosi and ever since 2020, my tax returns have become delayed by 8 months or more. 2020 and earlier, my refund was always received by mid March. Also, the GS has picked up hard in the last 4 years or so. Ever since I voted for Trump or shortly thereafter.

  24. You have no clue who I am. I grew up a straight thug on streets. Initiated Crip at 9. I had a terrible home and I couldn’t stay therE. Physically and sexually abused. So I hit the streets young and lived with others. I ran away from my house every chance I get.

  25. Is this John Wick ?!? 😅 just a joke, I do believe you as I am also a TI, but when I started to read the part about taking down squads in seconds or what have you, that's the first thing I thought

  26. What was the obstacle in Abraham's story? Here, I'll answer it for you: the obstacle was Abraham's faith, which therefore is HIS OWN obstacle. Also, God did not tempt Abraham with evil or obstacles did he?? And thirdly, that was OLD TESTAMENT. James is in NEW TESTAMENT, which I suggest YOU read. Smh...

  27. Just usual NPC stuff. The street and neighborhood come to life when I go out, to create the illusion of "real life" and that this is "reality" (which is not the case really)

  28. Dude, last year I was outta work for a bit and began partying during that time as well. Everytime I go to the park it would 'come to life' with like 2 or 3 cyclist, cars constantly going around it so much so its obvious some are the same cars over and over again. Now that I'm employed and thus not partying, the park has been dead since. No cyclists, no cars driving around it, just an occasional owner and pet every now and then. Last year, that park had at least 7 times the business when I was chilling their. Now, it's nothing...

  29. Nah fr, I used to bring so many random places good business... because if I went so did variety of others conveniently all thru any hours of the night... it's so obvious it's comical..

  30. And here I was before GS thinking I was just a trend

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