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  1. Your right and thats the tuff part, if you had sold you could ofntaken profits and bought back in but there is no way of knowing it wont go higher or when/if it will dip with certainty. Either way if you dont have the balls to do what you did you would never be "that guy" who held till he reached the top.

  2. You have to really think about what that means and why it would be a good or bad idea. Any crypto that has to relaunch oftens is a negative, the only solutions without risking everything is Layer 2 etc.

  3. if sib gets off and goes on it's own that will be the end of it. it really has no utility to keep people interested other than making a quick buck on FOMO.

  4. If they made their own they could and would likely add utility, that would be the only reason to move to its own chain.

  5. I dont want it to dip more but if it did I would definately buy more, assuming crypto isnt going anywhere the real sentiment on SHIB is bullish.

  6. Check to find out when the error on CMC etc will be fixed and let everyone know not to sell because what they would actually get is not what they see (something like this has already happened).

  7. I’m gonna be honest, it didn’t look like flinch it looked like your thumb just pushed up for a second and the ADS slowing down your sensitivity hasn’t kicked in so it shot up super far

  8. I was moving my stick down that entire time it was kicking upward. That isnt the only time, thats why I included the second private video to show how fast and precise my aim is. I used to be in the top 50 on blops back when I cared too much but im struggling with this game due to flinch. My K/D lately is avg 1.3 across the last few titles going against PC users (I play cross play with friends mostly for the last few titles) this game I wouldnt be surprised if it was .5 or so with all the changes (like being forced to use a gun you dont like to lvl up/unlock another). Sorry if im ranting its just that Ive played this way for years to hone this skill and I have never had a problem till now. I want to love this game because there is a lot to like but flinch is making it almost impossible to play the way I like and be competative.

  9. I didnt if you watch in slowmo my my aim was going toward is body and then thrown off as soon as the game registers ads. This isnt the only time that has happened to me but its not always that bad I assume its when someone is running flinching ammunition on certain weapons as I stated. I have other examples where flinch is not so bad and I can mostly work through it but often its enough to throw me off completely.

  10. Are you not aware of the telesto bungie event thats currently going on?

  11. I posted this because Telesto is doi g something new entirely. Just sharing the information as I saw no mention of its new interaction.

  12. Dude are you serious??????? It's nothing but telesto everywhere since yesterday. No fucking way you didn't see it mentioned lmfao

  13. Its doing something different than yesterday.

  14. I aporeciate these videos, thank you taking time to make them.

  15. Stop using CMC the more people who leave the faster they will fet their shit together.

  16. Actual projects in the works and released with a real roadmap of whats ahead and more upside potential for holders.

  17. It's a L2. Supposedly the saver of shib but the only people that are gonna benefit from it are already using shib so it's not gonna do anything for the price.

  18. This is both right and wrong, it will effect the value of Shib dependant on the utility and it will effect the price because it will introduce a burn.

  19. If your hoping for 1 dollar it will likely be 5-10+ years depending on the Shibarium burn rate. This is based on the burn rate estimations by Queenie with the assumption volume increases or remains the same. The issue is you need to choose a your oen exit point and plan ahead, everyone is hoping for 1$ so Shib will dip hard before approaching a stable 1$ value.

  20. I dont see it happening this year unless an end to the war is announced tomorrow.

  21. Lets loose a zero and a half before we start worrying about .01.

  22. Multiple fake game card apps on Google Play store called Shiba Eternity. "Shib Eternity" is also one of the fake apps.

  23. Class item doesnt need to have stats to have an exotic perk. Also they do have stats when masterworked.

  24. I think the person is saying that because part of exotic armor is the rolls so an exotic class item would be "I'm done" after getting one copy.that said if they provided a much weaker effect compared to normal exotic perks it could be fine

  25. It could even be stats, just a lower amount than what you get on armor.

  26. Thats a good point but that is also why I said in my original post another added benefit aside from just an exotic perk like a mod slot or whatever Bungie comes up with.

  27. Yeah, alright, fair point. But 3 is still pretty close to 0. Realistically, the likelihood of Shiba Eternity pulling $1b profit per year is still zero.

  28. PUBG, Roblox, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, Destiny 2, Call of Duty, GTA 5, Coin Master and probably some others.

  29. At current values that means roughly every 230 million dollars profit 1 billion Shib will be burned. Thays not a lot if thay was the only source of burning but when added with all other burning it can lead to a large amount.

  30. The Game does not directly influence Shib it is an indirect benefit. Smart investors are usually the "wait and see" tyoe of people ubless the "rumors" point to a direct benefit wether its short or long term.

  31. Once Shibarium releases and the market recovers a real estimate can be made.

  32. It was more consistent with three round because hitting two shots still landed most of your damage. Now if you miss 1 round in the burst your loosing a significant portion of the damage.

  33. The 2 Burst is basically it's unique differentiating Factor, so rather then getting it in line with all the other Pulses agian, why not try and retouch it on its own. I agree, that it is't in a good spot rn, but reverting it would just be the lazy way of handling it.

  34. Its unique because it has mosy of its damage on a single round. But reverting it qould be nice so it feels natural again.

  35. When its done and not a moment beforehand. Millions of dollars are on the line and if done incorrectly Shib is dead. Chill out people.

  36. This is bad. Dont encourage people to just download it we need honest feedback and reviews. For this to achieve the traction your hoping for people have to enjoy it and talk about it.

  37. True but you post encorages downloads only which is really bad. Many scammers artificially inflate download numbers so for some people seeing an app with several downloads and no reviews is a red flag.

  38. The most important thing in Crypto is to DYOR and learn what that means. If you took the time to ACTUALLY look at the data Shib is one of the only Crypto to survive the market crash and come out positive for the year and not negative like ETH and BTC. This is still true Shib is still up over the year and I garuntee if it dipped it would be bought up instantly.

  39. Stack up to 6 grenades' and no longer need to reload between shots, just rapid fire. Easy catalyst.

  40. I was thinking it could add grenades too. Tge grenades are good as is though.

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