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  1. how is this an airdrop? this is a token sale...not the same thing

  2. Depends on how much solo you have... They're starting with the lowest ammounts to the highest.

  3. i swapped all of my crypto into the cosmos ecosystem with a few minor exceptions. They say don't put all of your eggs in the same basket but whom ever made up that saying didn't know about this ecosystem. I have zero regrets. I traded all of my Eth into Cosmos tokens as i figured Eth is just hopium taking space in my wallet and doing nothing actively.

  4. i can only get the main webpage to load. the app returns a white page

  5. i think that there is a mistake in the dates, 31st Jan 2022 and not 2021 maybe?

  6. No idea, but I assume so, unless all the validators are also validating BS tokens. It's not a big amount, only 0.01 every 24 hours and I'm guessing it's going to be a large supply, since validators on testnet already have 2k+.

  7. I have almost 0.3 now. Cool if we get to keep it

  8. depends a bit what direction the market takes. We have lost a lot of value across the board in crypto over the last few days and usually meme coins are the hardest hit in a dip. If we move into a real bear market the 6 month timeline regarding the value going up is very optimistic.

  9. You mean we should not worry on the long term anyway ?

  10. Also HuaHua will have some actual utility beside lulz so calling it a pure meme coin is false and this helps it to have actual worth

  11. Well meme coins have a tendency to pump hard during bull markets too so yes on the long term it should be fine. Just lp or stake in the meantime and collect more. It might just be that it will take a longer time to hit a hard bull cycle

  12. you can import your atomic seed into keplr or do a new wallet completely. Keplr supports band so just send them here. if you import no need to to send as they should be visible

  13. I did that and not seeing any band on Keplr ? All my atom came over tho

  14. Check if the band adress is the same. If not just send them over from atomic

  15. that was sort of the Stargaze teams fault as they released the airdrop at exactly the same time as the Epoch block goes into calculation. The epoch block itself brings some validator nodes on its knees and this in combination with the airdrop made the issue. One hour sooner or later the network would have been fine

  16. Does anyone feel a bit of concern about the issue that the network gets so congested around epoch time for Osmosis? I'm curious to understand what types of solutions are under development to perhaps reduce this congestion in the future, because if Cosmos Network actually gets true mainstream adoption this could be a major problem.

  17. I tried discussing it on discord and find technical solutions for it but nobody wanted to have that talk. Mandatory upscaling of vms for the duration of the epoch block would help

  18. 🤦 I feel guilty knowing this

  19. you and me both. I would make in a day or two what they make in a month. shit. living on crypto isn't doable in my own country but holy crap...

  20. We don't get tax write off from those in my country

  21. I think this is always going to be an issue with larger validators. They are known across multiple networks and so are "safe". Smaller validators need to work harder to attract delegations.

  22. wouldn't one option be to reduce the amount of say atom needed to become a validator to make it more accessible? As becoming a validator currently is relatively expensive the established players have the crypto they make from the validating itself that they can trade to add new chains. Sure there is overhead to run the VMs and the like but i think the top big ones are there because it is also profitable

  23. Cosmos SDK has a limited maximum number of validators - maybe 200 or so I think. Ultimately there’s a trade off between decentralisation, scalability and speed for all chains. So it’s not just a case of increasing the number of validators unfortunately.

  24. damn that does indeed pose a scalability problem for the future, if cosmos becomes THE thing 200 isn't nearly enough :)

  25. All of cosmos IMO. I am extra bullish on AKT and STARS, and JUNO is my biggest bag. But if one makes it, they'll all do well enough. Community between chains brings up all of them quite nicely. And as of late, I am loving the separation our price action has had from bitcoin. It is time to move on and leave boomers holding their gold and their digital gold.

  26. i make a point to buy a bit on every project that comes in to cosmos. not much just like 100ust or so

  27. i mean its the really weird uncle in the cosmos family. Talks a lot of stuff nobody understands but we love him still. Uncle Bo can be nuttier than a squirrels ballsacks but he still family you know.

  28. I would do 7.5 atom, 35 osmo, and 20 Juno personally. I’m not staking Luna personally tho so don’t know about their airdrops

  29. My LUNA airdrops were so small that I almost broke even paying transaction fees to claim them.

  30. yes it really feels pointless in claiming something thats worth 0.1UST and paying 0.3 UST in Tx fees

  31. If it has been unstaking 3 days today then it should be available at some point today. If it's not unstaked by tomorrow then you could followup with the team. I've never seen an issue before with unstaking though. Always takes 3 days to unstake OMM

  32. oki thanks for the help. lets see tomorrow evening if they have unbonded or not

  33. i actually sold all of my rigs a few days ago. Not only to invest in pools but i bought a house and needed money for the renovations.

  34. I've seen conflicting things on this. Sologenic said something about needing a trustline set even if you held on the dex app, but at the same time, holding solo in the dex app implies you've got the trustline.

  35. aparently it was good since i have 12 xrp locked so that implies that the trustline is there. i got the airdrop last night sometime

  36. if you held your solo in the solo dex app did you need to do anything extra?

  37. remember when we got nominated in the oscars for the best meme video?

  38. Did you ever hear about Derrick in telegram… Damn I feeel bad…

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