1. Right now they have no incentive to do this. There are a couple though Huobi has 2 and stake fish has a grant fish with a 100 commission that helps act as a grants system if you want to read about it.

  2. Well it would be obvious that it’s a new validator from an existing one. I’m not sure how dot does it but they don’t have multiple validators from one entity. So we would do the same not allow multiple validators from the same entity. But my understanding is minimal it was just a suggestion.

  3. No I appreciate it that is an interesting topic and I need to look at how DOT does it more.

  4. I voted yes on this prop when it opened, and when I started reading your post, it sounded like the voting wasn't going well or something, so I checked and it's currently sitting at 95% support.

  5. Not necessarily a yes on this would actually be a big step in a positive direction it seems.

  6. So far we do not mess with the Cryptocurrency sub group it’s a toxic channel.

  7. My main criticism of the coverage is of the whale funds with too little explanation. Those weren't "taken away" permanently at this point, correct? They are locked away temporarily for the community to decide if they will give them back or burn them or whatever.

  8. Yea there was multiple issues one was that some said they didn’t clearly say per entity etc but per wallet.

  9. Thank you for the thread on Juno. Hopefully this is of great use to any potential buyers. I’m new to owning Juno but everything sounds great so far and I think is a ton of potential to the project. Not sure about any price predictions but i think the use case is there. Holding with care!

  10. Great summery. Lots of projects to learn about if you're not familar.

  11. Which is really good news. It seems like to much concentration in liquid staking could be bad for the network.

  12. You're correct in a lot of your assessment, but your wording makes it seem like 100% inflation is permanent when it is only for a year to build the Rise program treasury, which you then go on to talk about like it's a bad thing that a chain is incentivizing development and trying to grow the ecosystem.

  13. Does not matter those are still being diluted by at least 75% a year. Assuming that the Kava team can make up for investments in their rise program beyond diluting shareholders can be a tough promise.

  14. How would you compare Kava to Evmos? Evmos seems to have even less value proposition to me. Anything running on Evmos could easily run on any cosmos chain that has EVM enabled, start their own app chain with an EVM, or any other EVM chain, for that matter. A chain like Kava at least has its own innate functionality over just an EVM side chain.

  15. Actually multiple of our network did not like Luna/UST either because it was a game of high risk user acquisition but we were curious if it could be repaired over time.

  16. Another key concern isn’t just forming the technology but also to the point where they left some items like “Rekt drop” and details suggesting they didn’t even have time to remove non applicable stuff from their GitHub.

  17. Yea was impressive they sold out like 3.5 hours after opening public mint. Did you get one?

  18. Okay cool, I was thinking it was 40 evoms to mint. I will transfer 20 over today and mint one. I love the idea of a useful nft. It's a win win situation for everyone.

  19. Yea I mean NFA at all. We just liked the art and wanted to support their NFT marketplace and what they are building out in EVMOS.

  20. Top 4 validators control 55% of staked KAVA

  21. Yep not good. EVMOS their soon to be competitor in my opinion is a newer chain and has less concentration. Not to mention that many staked with Orbital Apes for their rewards/incentives.

  22. Wouldn't it be better to vote No and signal them to make multiple props with proper details?

  23. Hard to say. Would add about another month on to the potential funding unless they released it immediately and made it over-ride the current proposal.

  24. This is exactly what the ecosystem needs…someone that cares enough to bring the details to the masses. CCR is going to be an important asset to the community.

  25. Thank you! We plan to scale up and bring in many other perspectives from the community. Stay tuned!

  26. Mmm I am away from my computer right now but I found a section on it in in maybe their documentation to help artists quickly make a contract.

  27. That is a great question sorry I do not know. I saw it but held off as I do not have the CS skills as of now.

  28. EVMOS is a great platform to allow Ethereum apps or devs to move into the cosmos or to even run a Cosmos and Ethereum app.

  29. It’s interesting I think it depends a lot on there growth. If the project grows and captures a lot of attention and demand exchanges will simply want to list it.

  30. Another option to reduce the headaches is choose an exchange without memos required if you plan to do ATOM <> exchange frequently.

  31. Using your Ledger with Keplr and Cosmostation web browser will give you various chain options to stake.

  32. Yes Secret Network also does the job well

  33. But also the tool depends on the network. This particular person had an Ethereum NFT. Which gives the social engineer more potential for attacks then say a Stargaze where they have permisioned smart contracts.

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