1. How ? What should I say to her ? Because I was showing her profile to my friend and that idiot liked her photos , now I am in a bit of trouble I think

  2. Then why are you trying to ask her out? I mean if you two just wanna be smash bros then invite her to your place. Cook something very light, because you don’t wanna fuck on a full belly. Have a couple drinks and before you know it you’re filling her up like an eclaire and buying her plan b.

  3. I’d just wait. I have the most basic of insurance so no matter what, within about five days i’d be miraculously cured and released because - coincidentally - my insurance only pays for five days of inpatient care.

  4. many people see how cute animals are and don’t know shit about breeds. Then they get upset when they are unsuccessful at teaching animals to pretend to be humans. Then they feel shame or just don’t care, so they abandon what they consider to be their failures. People like for their emotional support slaves i mean pets to be loyal, obedient and tame.

  5. Make a swing. Also great for boxing. Cut it in half, secure it to something and go to work. You can also stack and fill them with concrete and use them as a base for a punching back. Look online for instructions.

  6. how much do you like her? It sounds like she has some issues to sort out. This sounds like it goes beyond “strict family” issues. usually when someone hates touch it’s because they have had a bad experience with being touched. Therapy might help. Honestly i would probably jet, but it really depends on how much you care about this girl. You don’t have to stick around. If you really see a future with this person (and her strict family), then stay. Otherwise bounce.

  7. You're only native if your generation was native

  8. What do you mean by “if your generation is native”? My generation is native but i’m not considered native American

  9. I think the shittiest (and funniest) part is that you also had to go to the wedding.

  10. Teacher and principal skinner were in the closet making babies and one of the babies fell out and the baby looked at me.

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