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  1. What is curve planning on doing after the 1% cashback incentive that they have runs out?

  2. I just had the same issue and this address worked like a charm. Thank you from me as well!

  3. I am curious about the email though. How did they know you received one? Hmmm....

  4. Op, you forgot to add the lame 1.5% cashback when there are plenty of other cards out there that offer at least 2% cashback.

  5. Well they have started offering higher than 1.5% on some transactions. Did you check?

  6. Yes, I saw that. However, I registered by Citi double cashback card with Dosh who is the same provider that provides the extra cashback with BlockFi Offers. By registering my Citi card not only I’m I getting the 2% cashback with Citi, but I’m also getting the extra cashback with Dosh therefore making my BlockFi card useless.

  7. Buy real estate instead. Whatever is left over if you want to DCA into btc then go for it. Not financial advice

  8. Interesting. That should not happen unless you entered your seed phrase somewhere you weren’t supposed to

  9. Exactly why I’m confused and need some answers as to how if I bought directly from them and only wrote down the phrase

  10. Damn. Sorry for your loss. Next time buy directly from The ledger website. The ledger will generate a seed phrase and tell you to write it down. A ledger should never ever come with a seed phrase already pre-installed.

  11. If BlockFi actually offered 2% cashback on all of their purchases I would actually use their card. Until then it’s stored in a safe location.

  12. Getting that extra .5% with my other credit cards. All set with the BlockFi card buddy. 😂

  13. I use Keplr and Ledger to stake my cro

  14. Are you able to provide more details? I read this:

  15. Exactly. Use koinly or any other software that tracks your transactions with cost basis and you’ll be fine come tax time.

  16. I don’t use this credit card anymore. 1.5% cashback is trash. I’ll only use their card again if they raise the cashback to at least 2%.

  17. I use koinly to keep track of all of my transactions. At the end of the year for a fee koinly will generate your tax report making things so much easier. Just download, print, and give to your accountant. Done ☑️

  18. Yeah the Spotify rebate was literally the only reason I still held the card. It was fun while it lasted, but I have no further interest in CDC

  19. Same. Netflix and Spotify rebates was the only reason why I kept my stake. I guess in 6 months I will unstake and lock up my card to collect some dust. No reason for me to stay with cdc. Card is junk in 6 months, spread is ridiculous on the app. Yeah I’ll continue using my other platform to dca my ETH and btc and send over to my self custody Wallet.

  20. You don't actually own Bitcoin at the moment

  21. Which metal seed phrase’s do you recommend. Not a big fan of the ones that you can only put the first 4 letters.

  22. put that seed phrase into one of those fake wallet connect dapp sites that ask for your seed phrase, and watch as two scammers try to screw each other

  23. Update 2: I contacted support to look into it. Heard back from them. They stated the following “Upon checking with the team, transactions with financial institutions do not receive cashback, as they are restricted from it.”

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