1. 28/6/21 had to vote on day or validator delegared to or yiu miss out

  2. Unknown as it was depending on when the nft marketplace was launched. Q1 or so with no hard date

  3. so frustrating how hard this one is to work out, already a boot staker but want my airdrop baby!!!

  4. Some people in TG says it’s legit. Some not. Maybe wait a bit more for news ? I also minted my own token so I wouldn’t be so quick on claiming this.

  5. Yeah maybe as juno now has token creation, put in my address and got some but dont want to claim if dodgy!!

  6. It is absolutely not, LUM is dropping the ball in not even communicating on this one.

  7. Tried to comm with them but just not very helpful just saying its not eligible from some validators with no more reasoning....

  8. mine's the same, have min staked, none of the delegators are exchanges, showing not eligible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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