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  1. I use Stargaze on Keplr Wallet, I just picked up #59 for 1K Stars. I heard they recently sold out and had my eyes on them anyway and then I saw this post and here we are. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Cash out to BTC. Make sure it's a COLD wallet. Take BTC, buy COSMOS. This seems to be the biggest stumbling block to the ecosystem. Sifchain supports wrapped ether or BTC. USDC is widely supported in the ecosystem. One of the above should work? I have my methods but I always want to stay defi. We've already paid enough to banks, taxes, etc. why pay more to CEXS'? Most can't be directly traded to defi is my understanding. Get more input tho.

  3. Absolutely. Use ATOM as your "On Ramp" Once you have ATOM in your Keplr you can use Osmosis or Junoswap to trade for whatever Cosmos tokens you want.

  4. If you invert the cones would that speed up transactions?

  5. Why do most of these blockchains not understand that ease of use and security are the 2 biggest factors in building a web3 and blockchain future? It's not hard to create an easy user experience unless you want to hide something. IMHO.

  6. Free airdrops app on Google play? It works but they usually require social media posts, sharing, etc. I prefer the type where if your holding assets, you get rewarded. I get told I'm eligible for this and that with zero idea how to claim em half the time. Again, no personal info, no keys, NEVER give that out for some "airdrop".

  7. In Cosmos, you don't search for airdrops. The airdrops search for you.

  8. Don't you already have to have or have to create wallets for the asset that is being air-dropped? I think he's asking where we learn of them and how we get them. Can't get an airdrop without a wallet that can hold the asset.

  9. well i mean iโ€™m already down 70% what more do i have to lose

  10. I am saying this from experience. Donโ€™t put money into something unless you understand the risk. Do you own DD and start small and work up? Listening to people on these boards is like lending money to a strangers and hoping he will pay you back.

  11. I started with $50 in 2018. Cashed out nicely. Reinvested 3 months ago when crypto couldn't go much lower and lows were <10% of highs. Where were all of them supposed to go? Lol. No where but up. The ecosystems were there.

  12. You too? Lol. Terra did that. "Almost" on its own. The US, FED, and Biden are doing doing rest.

  13. Cosmostation also has general APY and real block time available. Just click on the rate and it will show you the current true rewards rate. I believe..... EVMOS is set up to auto lower yield with more TVL in the protocol, raising coin prices. Then, during lower TVL interest rates increase to encourage investment. Or.... it is the volume of transactions that affect it. I forget but trying to help. I'm sure I'm off on something here so any further clarification and help from anyone always appreciated.

  14. Buy lows. Sell highs. It's not that complicated. Cosmos is only the only ecosystem in that last 3 months to make a profit. That I know of. Serious ecosystems need only apply.

  15. I just swapped ETH for some ATOM and staked it. That's just me though, Mr. Vegas

  16. The federal and state laws that prevent discrimination on race work for all races, this company just opened the door to a massive lawsuit for firing people on the basis of race

  17. It's going up in this ecosystem. They've proved it. 3 months ago was the perfect time to buy after we took that beat down Terra and DO KWON were responsible for. God I hate when people defend him or his crew of thieves so just don't with the negatives ok?

  18. Could either of you explain how the pools work? I've lost gamma in them and looking back, should have asked this question a long time ago rather than just try and hope. Thank you!

  19. BTW, it worked. I bet JUNO from my Cosmostation wallet on the dapp. Small test amounts. Not enough to validate its percentages are correct or anything like that.

  20. It's back. Turns out it's a test protocol for future gambling sites. It rewards a fixed % of your "wager" and a computer basically tells you if you win or lose and the house always gets a % cut. I'm sure it would be adjustable as a working casino or betting app. Infant stages. Not a scam tho. That I know of.


  22. 13% self delegated with over 130 delagators. Mintscan doesn't lie. Uptime is 99%. I see zero issues on the service with them.

  23. Atomic wallet. PERIOD. Then, u can automatically link it with your cosmostation account or Kepler wallet. (I suggest the prior). Lmk if u need to know how.

  24. Thank you, Iโ€˜ll try them and share my experience afterwards

  25. Oh, hey! Moron. Don't think I've forgotten about you. BTW. EVERY Fing thing I've EVER said is true on this and any Reddit thread. Guess your going to tell me I was wrong about the last 3 months of EVMOS? LMAO. I'm up well over 700%. Will prove it. I may be a small investor. But... I'm not the guy like you, with money, wishes he could be something buts sits on his inheritance or silver spoon and tries to act cool by claiming he knows shit about blockchain. DICK.

  26. Absolute moron. Learn to add some value instead of posting shite

  27. Thank you for your colorful and informative opinion. I'm thinking of having it framed. In my shitter.

  28. I love this ecosystem. While everything has crashed, I've made money with Evmos, HUA, and several others. 10 in total. Cosmos is the future. F Eth.

  29. People have the right to their opinions and beliefs. We have the right to ridicule and laugh. Democracy is great!

  30. Very much agree. Except for one point. Prices are no where near highs. It's a buyers market and you do well when you can spot the dips and buy. I HODL at least 90%

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