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  1. What is crypto primarily built and designed for? Financial transactions.

  2. Everything is still priced in fiat, including crypto. Also getting paid in a stablecoin is no different than getting paid in fiat. This is one of those silly things people can't wrap their head around. Everything is priced in world reserve currency(ies) and will continue to be, regardless of what crypto does.

  3. Hope you have a large team of lawyers and deep pockets to get through all the red tape. Or just YOLO it, risking lifelong imprisonment or a boating accident

  4. CBDC is good for government, they can track, trace, and block any amount whenever they want, complete opposite of Bitcoin

  5. In depth realtime analitics, they can't track paper currency at this scale.

  6. Paper currency accounts for a very small percentage of transactions. Most are electronic and are already tracked in real time.

  7. So basically a TikTok influencer house that got trashed and the kids can't afford rent anymore. No thanks

  8. Do Klown is either a bona fide psychopath or he has anosognosia

  9. South Carolina State Treasurer Travels Absconds To El Salvador To Learn About Bitcoin Adoption Citizenship

  10. After 2 years in DeFi I just recently (maybe a couple months ago) "got it" in terms of how to profitably flip high APR pools indefinitely. My experience has been that while it doesn't take that long to learn basics - both the foundational tech and finance theory - it takes a while to internalize it and truly "get" how it works and then plan strategically.

  11. Ledger, waiting for those Black Friday promos nom nom.

  12. Congrats on your accomplishment, but I do wonder - how did you get past all the red tape of compliance to protect yourself from future fuckups? I would be scared shitless to launch a trading platform. Imagine a bug someone exploits and drains all funds, and then you're on the hook for it. Nah, I'm good

  13. Ah, the end of the 90s ... StarCraft, Diablo 2, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, the golden era!

  14. I don't get it - why didn't the feds just send the BTC to a different wallet? Wtf is a fund seizure if you keep it in the same place, unless I'm missing something?

  15. This idea of yours doesn't work for the same reason that no single verification process exists worldwide - people people can't agree on one. The closest thing people can agree on are standards (such as ISO) and even those are constantly evolving.

  16. Can't speak for Junoswap, but the GLTO pool on Osmosis is pretty nice.

  17. Terra has to do this, not Sifchain. Nothing we can do here.

  18. There's only 19 days left of rewards, after that it'll be 0. It's not incentivized with OSMO rewards, it's incentivized with STRD rewards.

  19. Been using Coinbase for a couple years now, no problems. The first, and one of 2 exchanges that's a publicly traded company (fuck Robinhood).

  20. This is standard in fiat markets, crypto isn't going to be any different. It already exists there too, just fewer organizations have the lion's share of detection software/services.

  21. I use the CDC card for Spotify rebate only. Once that's gone I'm done.

  22. Wouldn't it be funny if all this time I've been investing, staking, farming, learning financial theories and blockchain tech, and in the end my biggest success is going to be my shitposting bag o moons?

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