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I needed this today

  1. Does anyone know if those appear only if you sell them back to the dwarves? I personally haven’t looked yet but I haven’t done that yet. I’m one of those weird people that like everything in my inventory even if useless lol.

  2. I just read 1066 and 1067, a lot of stuff is happening but meeting Vegapunk (even if it was potentially obvious) and finding out Saul is alive blew my mind

  3. I think I’ll end around 97 or 98 by myself. I’ve had to look up 2 things so far, and one made me feel dumb because it was obvious lol

  4. I’m one that will say always work, the game will always be there, but missing work could mean no more work (not saying you’re a chronic caller or anything but ya know)

  5. This may seem dumb considering it is a weapon we acquire but can you upgrade the spear and give it new stuff etc?

  6. Yep,handle is changeable,you can upgrade it just like the axe and blades,and even equip different runic attacks

  7. Hell yesss that is all I needed to hear, thank you very much! This was my last question lol as we enter the final 3 hours (unless you’ve gotten to play already)

  8. Seeing these always makes me sad, regardless if it’s M or F bc I always get like 3 matches and thats as far as it goes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. As you said we had ascension already but I could imagine like reawakening or something

  10. My little brother is coming over for the week and we’re going to enjoy together. We used to do this all time before he moved and it’s been harder to obviously but GOW is his favorite game so we’re doing it no matter what’s going on lol.

  11. I think it would be best if he just stops talking about this game

  12. I feel like Atreus looks like another dimension morty in this drawing lol

  13. I think what a lot of people dislike is the pacing and the lack of variety gameplay wise

  14. Yeah I couldn’t stand going back and forth timeline wise. Personally, I’m not a fan of games that do that.

  15. I respect everyone’s opinion but also respectfully I feel like what they are saying really isn’t warranted.

  16. I actually really like this but I tend to just play by what’s better for the level. If I have to sneak, I gotta sneak. If it’s time to fuck shit up, it’s time to fuck shit up lol.

  17. I’m at like 4 years lmaoo I legit don’t think I’ll ever have sex again at this point 😅😅😅

  18. Honestly I don’t even think that’s my problem, I usually get told I’m attractive or whatever. I think I just take bad pictures and maybe it’s bad to admit but I don’t have game for shit

  19. Wow, I’ve never seen that one before. I’d probably turn off system lol.

  20. Daddy? Jk I know Kratos would never say that but regardless of how badass Kratos is to me, when tyr stands up right after this I get immediately intimidated when watching the trailer lol.

  21. is it Cartier Gucci Scarf, Harambe, or Blue Jean Bandit? tbh i cant think any where he’s like genuinely angry off the top of my head

  22. Does he actually scream in anger in Cartier Gucci scarf or just use that crazy voice he used a few times on that album lol?

  23. Learn about the dream eaters and how they work. I played the whole game and basically had no idea what I was doing combat wise. And well storywise. Okay this game gets confusing on multiple levels lol.

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