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  1. I'd wonder why the kids were still awake at that time or why anybody had picked a channel that allowed stuff like that to be broadcast.

  2. What the fuck is this absolute nonsense braggery? Who cares if someone shared your tweet?

  3. Remember Ukraine being one of the countries with a high level of crypto adoption anyway (pre-war). Hope that this has helped people during this awful time.

  4. And according to the article itself Bitcoin is the most held crypto on there, dump headline

  5. This is very much a him problem not a you problem. Please don't think that you have contributed to this sneaky behaviour, he'd do it with anybody else too. Grab your stuff, leave this anxiety behind, deep breath and find someone who values you. Good luck.

  6. You think my spouse should have pulled back contact instead of confessed feelings in the hopes of putting things to rest? Or both?

  7. ...if she didn't want anything to happen she would never have confessed to the neighbour, imo. If she wanted to preserve her relationship with you she should have pulled back from this other person a long time ago, but especially after that feelings conversation.

  8. When the man does the thing on the screen. What? Just eat it before it goes cold

  9. Have never been religious and wouldn't have put up with that for as long as you have. He could at least go in a different room. I'd say he was being disrespectful, I'd talk to him about boundaries regarding it such as not in bed with you or wherever else makes you uncomfortable. Plus if it's impacting your sex life with him...! I don't want to scream that he's got an addiction but it certainly could be a consideration.

  10. Not even sure how I've turned out, how would I know about them?

  11. All the red cups at parties in films. Why always red?

  12. Ask him why he made his followers so irritating

  13. What annoys you most about your older sibling

  14. Well, if you want you can swap to gluten free pasta, it's sold pretty much everywhere except Lidl and Aldi.

  15. Idk make conversation instead of put her on the spot maybe? Even asking to read one of her poems at some point would have been better. Get her to tell you about her favourite or her favourite poets. She's not a dog to do tricks for you on demand.

  16. You think you're doing better but you're not going to cure it. It's just gonna get worse from here.

  17. What a lovely dose of positivity this was.

  18. Every superhero film could have been written differently by repeating the words nope and throwing the script in the bin

  19. It shocked me to my core seeing suddenly so many (mostly Americans) celebrate drinking st home alone during covid…

  20. Well when everything was shut there wasn't really a choice but to drink at home? Covid was a pretty hard time for a lot of people.

  21. Living in New Orleans while sober is incredibly difficult. I had several clients who battled with maintaining sobriety in a culture that pushed drinking. Every event is centered around alcohol. I would go to a kid’s birthday party and there was always a cooler of drinks. Name a type of gathering and I guarantee there were drinks there.

  22. What's wrong with drinks at a kids birthday party? Sure getting absolutely hammered would be bang out, but one or two to relax around hordes of screaming kids is fine imo.

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