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  1. Welcome to the Man’s world. Now you understand what men go through ALL THE TIME🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. If you hang too long in a loose harness you can lose your leg(s). It will cut the circulation off and you will have a dead leg. I can’t remember how long it is I want to say under 20 minutes.

  3. There's a reason they switched I imagine

  4. Also an operator in Canada. Obviously better choices could have been made. They didn’t even have radios on site (I heard).

  5. We always load test them each time one is assembled or moved

  6. An annual needs to be done by a qualified person (see osha definition). If you’re not qualified your inspection doesn’t renew the certificate but should still count as a monthly as anything but the annual inspection has to be done by a competent person. In summary: it makes a lot of sense to run through the full checklist on every relocation but unless you have the credentials to count as a qualified person it will not renew the annual certificate of the crane.

  7. You realise that’s on your own post right?

  8. 😂🤣 I have done the same thing on FB a few times. Then I was like “ well, at least people know I think highly of myself.” 😎😘

  9. The market does not like this move. When will the next marketing manager be named??

  10. The biggest precursor to this happening was all the big “ investment pros on tv” said to sell.

  11. Reflections are 2% of transactions, the flexible staking reward is 3% APY right now, the 120 day locked is 24% APY, so that works out to 8% for the staking period. So for everyone it makes sense depending on how big of a bag size you have and if you have extra ETH available to stake

  12. Well this is my 1st bare market and it seams like all/ most of the pump and dumpers are out of the chats now and only the logical men are left. 👍

  13. And I did a little research on luffy before I got any a few months ago and was happy to see the Anime global market cap at $25Billion. That was good enough for me then. And now, Today, WOW !!!

  14. Nah I dont think /bear runs will be that long anymore. Theres so much more people in crypto now, and more and more getting into it daily

  15. As there are no rules about responsible ejaculation, we have no choice.

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