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  1. German bombing campaigns didn't knowingly bomb open cities, they bombed targets that they presumed had enemy combatants although now we know they were in error, but did they know that at the time and if not, when did they know?

  2. What in the David Irving is this?

  3. Germans never knowingly attacked nonmilitary targets, whether the buildings were marked correctly on the maps they were using and if the Germans attacked a hospital that was correctly marked or refugees fleeing from said hospital, then that tells me that the individuals were lost or believed it was used for a military purpose which if the hospital was used for a military purpose then it's mercy mission status is negated and it then becomes a military target

  4. Yeah. Quit with the Nazi propaganda.

  5. Immediately after the Ukrainians started killing their citizens to the applause of the West, and immediately after the British began to build military bases according to NATO standards in Nikolaev and of course immediately after Zelensky wanted nuclear weapons for himself...

  6. thank you for replying, i think the use of nukes in ww2 is a highly controversial issue and that in no way is settled, for no mean i suggested that Japan should continued fighting. Wars are so complex process that the belief of -a-bomb to end the war= good - anti nukes = justify japan - is just doesn't apply to reality. But that is only my opinion :) I'm from latin america where nuclear weapons are banned to never repeat something like that, so frankly it's shocking when people haves sympathy for the a-bomb that's all

  7. It's frankly shocking when people don't seem to think the A bombs were necessary, when any alternative would cost more lives.

  8. Here is a good read on why the A-bombs were completely unnecessary

  9. Ah yes. Brining about an unconditional surrender immediately was unnecessary. Tell the tens of millions of dead across south east Asia it’s all g.

  10. Own one. The ping at the end of the clip is overblown as far as people saying it would inspire the enemy to charge when they heard it. Yes, there is a sound, it is not as loud as people think. Especially with other weapons firing. #gunsareloud

  11. It's always an odd statement about the ping. When 99% of rifles opposing it had to break sights to work the bolt as it was.

  12. Because aegis combat system go brrrrrr (that's the CIWS shooting down anything it deems threatening)

  13. Aegis isn’t on US Carriers, they’ve got a different defensive combat system.

  14. Once she'd gotten through her teething stage, maybe. She was still slow AF though

  15. Ironically enough. An armed population sped up this process here. Armed militia and civilian groups enforced German intent here, despite a common firearm ownership otherwise.

  16. Where were the Axis powers fighting the UK on the Western Front ? I thought they didn’t have a secure ‘base’ on the European mainland after the fall of France, the Low Countries and others such as Norway and Belgium ?

  17. It’s still entirely valid to call the Battle of Britain a ‘front’. It was in line with their idea of blitzkrieg and air assault prior to invasion. That wouldn’t have been remotely successful and failed in this initial air campaign stage, but is still fair to call a front.

  18. Those that continued to fight in SS units and captured; sometimes yes. But as a whole those that returns to Finland prior to the late stages of the war, or ones like Mannerheim or Finnish forces that sieged Leningrad; no. That been said those directly captured by the Russians did.

  19. Go ask the police about that. Did I justify the killings of Sikhs or anyone apart from Bhinderwale and his terrorists in any of my comments? The initial comment is miscalculated as people call these terrorists are mere civilians from Punjab. By civilians I mean the terrorists who got killed. How about you guys praising a man who vowed to kill 5000 Hindus…did any Hindu come up to you and say that we favour Aurangzeb because he killed Guru ji? No right? Because we see Guru as someone from amongst us…but you being blinded by the separatist movement will utter useless tailored facts to prove your point

  20. You gotta love the timing of indira Gandhi’s attack on the golden temple.

  21. And then given by the comments here; indoctrinate people after to believe the civilians deserved it

  22. wdym still? diesels are by no means obsolete

  23. In all fairness, major NATO counterparts have switched over to all nuclear attack subs.

  24. I think a comparison of what type of military equipment a country procures is meaningless without considering what objectives said country seeks to achieve. Under certain circumstances, non nuclear are the better bang for the buck, while for navies like that of the US nuclear subs make sense given their improved endurance.

  25. Entirely valid. I'm not making the argument for the user or anything, just that there is some context to been surprised that Russia uses DE boats.

  26. It was taught in schools in if you took the world history class. There's basically 6 taught: the Holocaust, Stalin's slaughter/purge/holodomor, Rwanda, Khmer rouge, Mao's great leap, Churchill's India.

  27. Rwanda didn't get much of a mention, but it was mentioned just for the magnitude of the slaughter.

  28. I was more hinting at the British trying to get aid efforts under Churchills India.

  29. What country was that exactly?

  30. The Soviet in the middle? That's hatred. I guarantee you that German soldier did not go home.

  31. Hardly. Most Germans survived their time with the Soviets. The same wasn’t the case the other way around.

  32. Russians are only being rounded up in their own country, nowhere else does that happen

  33. Generalplan Ost didn’t leave much wiggle room for survival for Slavs under the Nazis

  34. Hitler shot himself in the foot on numerous occasions, he diverted one of the army groups in the east to go south instead of pushing straight up Moscow, he ignored Rommel worries about a invasion of Normandy and fell for the Allies diversion, and it’s a long long list. And honestly speaking hitler was the reason for his military failure, I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if Hitler was an actual competent general.

  35. Im not even Talking about the effectiveness factor more about the morale factor

  36. How would we know? Anyways battles were fought usually at ranges of like 300 m. So a scope even with minimal magnification would’ve made a decent difference in a fight

  37. They've apologized numerous times for their war crimes, including Nanking.

  38. They also ruin said apologies when the politicians they made them then go out months later to say the Chinese don’t deserve it, Japan shouldn’t apologise or that it’s made up etc.

  39. Just think. Most of the men in the video never got to see the end of the war willingly. Unlike what we saw with the Nazis, imperial Japanese troops were ruthless.

  40. You might have added a few extra million to that. Even Indian sources don’t go near 10 million

  41. What about the millions that died of famine in India as Churchill was funnelling food out to feed their armies in Europe?

  42. It would be prudent to start testing for other things. Especially since antivaxxers have been emboldened by coivd misinformation, there's going to be more idiot scumbags refusing to get their kids vaccinated than ever.

  43. For the most part waste water testing is done as standard on a semi regular basis (say weekly+), it was done before COVID. It's one of the main warning signs of known diseases coming in from overseas.

  44. Not gate keeping anything, they call themselves British or maybe Northern Irish.

  45. Mate I’m not denying that they’re Irish and if they want to be called Irish I’d happily support it, but the majority of them identify as British not Irish, in modern times there are a lot more that see themselves as both. I don’t really feel like giving you a history lesson on the sectarian divide and the loyalist-republican dynamic of the north but in short, people of Scottish/English/Welsh heritage colonised Ulster, they are mostly Protestant and see themselves as British living in Ireland, people of native Irish heritage are mostly catholic and reject the rule of Britain in the north and thus identify as Irish.

  46. Europe's? You mean the British empire

  47. Well only because they surrendered beforehand

  48. It isn't sure. Given some ~30 million died directly/indirectly to Japan... and a literal fraction of that to the allies? Yeah apples and genocidal oranges.

  49. Nobody could tell the Germans nor the Italians that the battleship era was long gone. Even the UK was still fairly invested in them. Thanks Jutland.

  50. Still great softing up beachheads before an assault. And were used extensively for that.

  51. Not when einsatzgrüppen studied his tactics (guy). He’s the origin of all that sort of shit. Real history is the stuff you didn’t learn in McGraw Hill’s version of history fed to you like a little intellectual veal calf in public school.

  52. None of those were particularly new however.

  53. I don’t care what you are, but your general ignorance, lack of awareness of American history seemed on level with an average American with an average TV-fueled opinion. Now I know you’re something other than an American trying to talk history with an American who has studied various historical disciplines formally and informally his entire life. Unevenly yoked….

  54. Somehow I doubt it. I mean nice rant however.

  55. NINETEEN EIGHTY FIVE??? MACH 2??????What do we have now Mach 20 wtf ??

  56. To a degree we do. You just don’t make money from going at those speeds

  57. To be fair, a commercial airliner kind of needs a commercial viability

  58. As I see it, the two original belligerents are Austria and Serbia.

  59. Obviously, although I will make the distinction that Belgium was entered because the Germans saw no other way of defeating both Russia and France than doing so. Before Belgium was invaded Germany did ask to peaceful march their troops through the country to get to the French border, they only got invaded after the Belgians said no.

  60. That’s still a gross aggression against a declared neutral country.

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