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  1. I feel this way sometimes, and I think part of it for me is ADHD. It can be hard to keep my head in the game, and then I worry about making my partner feel bad.

  2. Yup, gotta love the ED.... Never have had a good sexual experience in my life. After a diagnosis this year, things make more sense.

  3. I used to work on corneal herpes infections in a university research laboratory. It's no joke. With every repeated flareup (similar to how a cold sore might come and go repeatedly over the years), it leaves scarring on the cornea. Ocular herpes infections are the leading infectious cause of blindness in the US.

  4. I've stumbled upon a few videos of guys banging HIV positive sex workers in public. So I never really thought about it, but I guess this is a thing.

  5. Yeah, but with that prep stuff contracting hiv is pretty slim as well. These days it's just lack of information. We have a lot of medicine that can keep you from living a very painful reality. Hope those guys took it.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, ketamine is most definitely a psychedelic, brings me joy to hear that at-least some people are already able to experience these treatments we are definitely making progress in the right direction !

  7. I have seen on certain websites that there are psychedelic mushrooms that grow in North Texas but I have yet to ever see them. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Abortion rights are my top issue. That immediately disqualifies all republicans from my vote, and means that in order to have the best chance of restoring those rights, I should vote straight blue. Easy.

  9. We need to keep screaming this from the rooftops. The only way to get voters attn is to remind them of the real issues.

  10. I can’t help but think that money could’ve been used to help with the energy bills we’ve all been getting due to the grid issues. Or maybe a raise to teachers that we so desperately need. So many districts are slashing their budgets because they got less from the state because of attendance issues last year.

  11. Have no affiliation with that website or news station. Just found out about it and thought others would be interested. I believe the questions will be picked randomly and you might get a call thereafter submitting it.

  12. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I was worried that I may have wasted money 😅 As long as it's safe I'm good

  13. Just found out yesterday myself. Went ahead and filled it out and they contacted me same day to get my question on the docket for them to address.

  14. Just found out myself. Added my question yesterday and got an email and text back that same day.

  15. Man asking waitress at restaurant in Mexia, how do you pronounce this place?

  16. Why not ask Abbott or Beto? They're having a debate in October and a new station has questions they'll choose to from to ask them.

  17. This is the Abbott tax people were talking about.


  19. Lots of people do it lots of different ways, but this has always worked for me

  20. Is there way to do it without buying a bunch of lights and equipment? Like the barest minimum to get a plant to grow nugs? Don't care if it's tiny, it's just one person using.

  21. Fun fact /he compound is actually located 20 minutes away from waco in the small community of Axtell Texas and they welcome all visitors to tour the compound

  22. Who is this? Some rich thc supporter??? Genuinely out of the loop.

  23. We're you able to fulfill your need? It's tough living in Texas. I hate looking for new connections.

  24. Medical bills are often inflated when insurance is involved because they know the insurance companies will negotiate the price down. So they purposely start at a higher number knowing it's going to come down. The DNA test from Amazon on the other hand is billed directly to the consumer who will not be haggling and will either take it or leave it. So the price is naturally lower. There are of course other factors beyond this one and the one brought by the person I replied to, but this no doubt plays a significant role.

  25. Honesty, I'm in a position that many people aren't. I'm curious about the itemized bill for insurance holders though. What benefits does this request allow? I assume you mean people who have to pay a deductible? Any other reason?

  26. The itemized bill shows the specific things you were charged for. You might find that you were charged for something you did not actually recieve. For a minor example, let's say you stayed at the hospital for a few days and, while you were there, you turned down the toothbrush and toothpaste the hospital offered and instead had a family member/friend bring yours from home. However, once you received your itemized bill, you find they still charged you for the toothbrush & toothpaste (keep in mind this will be much more expensive than the ones you can get at the store). I've also seen cases of people being charged for a catheter and catheterization despite never being catheterized during their stay. There was also the infamous case of a mother being charged to hold her own child. If you are paying all or part of your healthcare cost and aren't asking for itemized bills you may be making payments you shouldn't owed.

  27. Ah, so someone with $0 deductible this isn't useful compared to a majority of people. I'll remember this for other people I know.

  28. I keep trying and can’t get into it. But I’m intrigued. What am I missing?

  29. Hey, same. I see it about puzzles.. I think. I got to the planet that is under water and things are cool and it's interesting but that's really about it.

  30. I think it takes most people like 15-20 hours. Really depends on how fast you can figure out the puzzles tbh. I get what you’re saying about it not clicking though, it doesn’t feel like there’s much of an objective at first. If you want to give it another shot, my advice would be to choose a planet and try to explore as much as you can there. You should get a string of clues that start to give you some direction.

  31. Aye. I guess it's more so the feel of the game that hasn't captured me. The world design, art style abd characters that lack something for my interest.

  32. I think people have the wrong idea. If you disagree with that policy why not join the Democrats and advocate for sensible gun ~ownership~ verses "control" and rights taken away?

  33. Just think, if you’d been blue this whole time (like a good union man) maybe this never would have gotten this far in the first place

  34. I think it wise to remember ~always~ voting for some entity will always lead to corruption, eventually. Demoncrats were stagnant in the 60 and 70's. Corruption and stagnation are what happens when you're given power and feel safe from true consequences.

  35. So you're a lvl 4 dps certified personal protection officer who has went through all the rings and hoops of taking the range tests and the psych evals....

  36. Yup, well said. I would say it sounds like he's contracted out. Contracts have it rough from the get go. If he's on with a company directly he's got a better position. Sounds like he has some power in the fact that he's the linch pin by decorum, skill and qualifications.

  37. I struggle with the same thing, it’s a common side effect but it sucks.

  38. I do not take that much but I've been prescribed Wellbutrin 300mg since earlier this year and 150mg since December.

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