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  1. Silly matters of religion aside, the Taliban actually has a lot in common with the UK government. They should be friends.

  2. Submission statement- let’s not forget the Taliban are in control of a entire country and armed to the teeth just a fun fact

  3. Who cares, they respected covid and lockdowns, and are only coming back because the government have asked them to now the other narratives are out the way...

  4. Have you seen some of the videos people recorded last time they had it running 😐

  5. Ima grow weeds and keep the flower part since it’s edible.

  6. Honestly imo especially on topics like roe v wade, its almost amusing to see the uproar when religious beliefs shouldn't belong in politics. But God is ingrained in american culture and not Canadian, and we all know religion is directly linked to the ruling. Youd be surprised how much canadians follow american news because of the potential impact on intentions of tourists based on these decisions.

  7. Ptobably also the fact that it is dreply rooted in a lie, consideting "Jane Roe," or Norma, actually admitted to not actually being gang raped and pregnant and admitting it was a lie. I mean imagine the uproar if Amber Heard got away with lieing? The thing is most people don't understand what's going on. Seeing again amd again, abortions illegal. It isn't though. State have powers as it it transferred from the Federal level..

  8. Oh my goodness that is terrible. Those poor homeless people.

  9. Kanye really tickles me because you can tell he bought in and then got scared and went crazy. His whole second coming Jesus movement really makes me laugh because I bet your ass would turn to Christ too if you found out it’s real. Fucking load of clown cum the whole situation, if you ask me his mother is lookin real sacrificial if you follow his career from then on. Anyway, my answer is Kanye.

  10. I actually took Notrous Oxide, and some lf this came about. I have done many canisters on many occassions, like doubles and all, except this time was absolutely different. It was as you say super clear imagery, something felt very different and there was like a cosmos. The weird thing it was only a single, but rather than other times I'm just tripping, I was fully aware, like in complete control and awe of what I was seeing and really present in a way I couldn't really explain. Hundreds of canisters over time never brought me there. And I never got back there since. But like I came back when I wanted, as opposed to effects wearing off on any other occasion. And it was only a single single. Like literally one. Other times I've had plenty on a sesh.

  11. Until it's out of your body it's a part of your body. Are miscarriages your body injuring another body?

  12. Actually complete bullshit. Legally in the US and we'll only stick to the US but if a pregnant woman is shot, and her and the unborn baby are killed then it goes doen as a double homicide so that point is entirely invalid in the eyes of the law. Besides. The power is now with States rather than Federally, there was probably going to be an attempt to overturn if Federally which would have meant foe all if it was to happen, unlike State where now its Red or Blue..

  13. Antivaxxers are like I’m not totally terrified and obsessed with coronavirus, I just keep detailed records about everyone I know’s vaccine status, if they’ve gotten coronavirus, and any random health issues they may have over the course of two years.

  14. Big pharma thanks you for being ’anti deathjab’

  15. Also living with higher infection rates and adverse events but hey, glad we all got to be forced into part of this giant experiment.

  16. Hey man, if this was all done, not even a scientific view, but why on Earth would you be in a conspiracy sub trying to convince people in here? The same shit goes on in Superstonk regarding GME and if you were paying attention, late info shows that yep, the Superstonk guys are definitely on the right path and we're correct and same thing here lately a massive uptick from you people who don't care for the Conspiracy content but just trying to make your point again and again. If the vaccines are safe and have done their job, go live your life, you would understand people in here do not change our minds or hearts too easy at all. So the conclusion is either your sad and wrong. Or sad and wrong. So gtfo Pharma shill...

  17. lol... can you imagine what it would have been like to be one of the guys in charge of bugging? "Uhh looks like there's already 3 wires in this lamp".

  18. Because this was when a vaccine was a weakened version of the virus. Rather than, since the definition change, to here lets alter your DNA. And when we we're kids we were scared of cooties. Just someone else's 'DNA' . Yet now we don't even know our own. Smh. Go figure. 😅

  19. Trudeau isn't jabbed. He's faking it.. None of the leaders will be.. But it'll help keep the narrative going..

  20. Trump saved lives with making the vaccines, and no I’m not a trump supporter

  21. How could you debate or argue for the vaccines? Just go read the clinical trial data ya clown. It's complete fraud yet your still daft enough to think unvaccinated are the ones who are gonna be hurt. You have a lot of waking up to do. Enjoy the fooked up immune system..

  22. What's discriminatory about "monkeypox"?

  23. Shots weird, isn’t it? I mean I think we can all agree that somethings just not right with Carrey…. His overly eccentric personality is …. Unusual. And I can’t help but think of the movie The Mask…. Like it hints at Carrey literally wearing a mask…. Masking his true personality in real life.

  24. Bad batches? They likely could've got the shots together since they're married.

  25. How can the fail but still broadly operate? Doesn't make much sense and screams fuckery.

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