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  1. Don’t even bother going, it’s a show run by a cult. They denounce evolution, hate race mixing, hate gay people, and for some reason they really hate marijuana. They encourage their followers to stop taking their medication, and they even fund some right-wing extremist newspapers. The religion was invented in the 1970s, when Chinese people were looking for religions that claimed to be more ancient.

  2. You sound like a baizuo. What's wrong with denouncing evolution and all the rest?

  3. "Free Thinking" is allowed only within a certain limit of parameters. Thinking about vaccine side effects if not free. Thinking about flouride in the water is not free. Thinking about UFOs is not free. I could list a million different topics. Doesn't matter. "Free Thinking" is a scam to control thinking. If someone tells you that you're free, then you're not. Why would the man need to tell you that you have freedom? It should be self evident, right? No one should have to remind you that you have freedom.

  4. … you think atheism is a cult? Do you believe in every god that’s existed in every culture? Religion is used to control. You’re free to believe in it as long as you don’t hurt others but being convinced atheism is a cult is truly insane. Religious people have ruled the world for millennia. We still live in a mostly Christian US today. If whoever was “truly” in power wanted us to be atheists, you wouldn’t know what Christianity is. They’re already in power.

  5. The Soviet Union, formally created in December 1922, was the first state to have elimination of religion as an ideological objective espoused by the country's ruling political party. Toward that end, the Communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated materialism and atheism in schools. [citation needed]

  6. The traditional Russian culture was damaged by Communism even more than the traditional Chinese culture. The ancient Russian culture was different than the fake Soviet culture which was made up by the Communists and shown to the world, as a poor imitation of the real Russian culture. Soviet culture and to an extent modern Federation culture is fake and made up. And both Russia and China are the world's oldest civilizations. Meaning that Russia is as old as China. Russia existed as a country before the birth of Christ. There are pre-Columbian connections between Russians and Native Americans. But the globalist west doesn't want you to know that. I have proof.

  7. They are not ready for the message yet. Maybe they will be ready for the message in the next life.

  8. Love is the most powerful force in existence. Now imagine 8 billion souls using it for a singular purpose :)

  9. All the detrimental entities will either disintegrate or flee out of the planet.

  10. Love is oxytocin and serotonin. It's our biological way to procreate and care for our children. In other words, it's chemicals.

  11. Love comes from the soul. It is a high vibrational spiritual frequency.

  12. "tRuSt Me BrO, hAvE fAiTh In ThE sCiEnCe"

  13. I went for the art. Was surprised with their anti-atheist messages. I get they were oppressed, but why go there. I think I saw an anti-evolution comment - can’t remember for sure.


  15. I am not understanding what you mean by it.

  16. Do you think that the events depicted in Deus Ex video game were based on real life? Is Majestic 12 a real organization?

  17. Z-library was over hyped. There are plenty of alternatives, some with collections just as large.

  18. Unfortunately some of the books that I had bookmarked or posted to this sub, were from Z-library.

  19. In Russia, lists of banned sites are compiled, not lists of allowed ones. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites are blocked from Western sites. Youtube is not blocked, but some videos are blocked. Reddit is not prohibited.

  20. Good to know. Are those the only blocked sites, or are there some other ones?

  21. Agreed! Thousands of years ago, we used to be able to survive as breatharians, and we would live around a 1000 years. The Hindus would call it Prana energy. Something happened thousands of years ago that shifted everything, and now we’ve dropped down to a lower form of ourselves. We’ve become more flesh than spirit so we need to feed this flesh. But I do believe we will one day go back to ourselves, once we start awakening our true selves.

  22. Well at least he demonstrates that something like this is theoretically possible.

  23. One of my neighbours in the very tiny hamlet where I live was big on the prison planet thing, always on about it, always looking for the next mind bending substance to open his third eye and find ways to escape.

  24. As it is sometimes said, you can escape from the world, but you can't escape from your self.

  25. The issue with the word Pagan is that it was a catch all term to degrade other religions. Its like the roman word Barbarian was for literally anyone outside hellenistic customs. Barbarian and Barber have the same root word to denote people with beards. Basically any civ that did not shave was barbarian to the clean cut romans. Its a projection of a predjudice due to cultural norms and customs. Pagan is much the same word and the Pagan community cannot accept that. They seem to pick and choose lose definitions as they like and are basically mocking the ancient faiths. If you told a Norseman that his gods were the same gods as egyptians he would be firey in his disagreement.

  26. It seems that we have different ideas about what it means to be a "pagan".

  27. I didn't make up the definition or history of the word. People cannot claim to believe every other religion since the beginning of time.

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