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  1. For those who don't get : Google Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, towel...

  2. The world ended in March, 2022. They've been using the LHC to try and stop it by looping time.

  3. Noticed the same, I used them to make white chocolate Macadamia nut cookies and they are not as good anymore now. Do you know any alternatives?

  4. No, as I am vegan as of the last few months and most white chocolate has milk in it. Plus, I was a bit afraid to try another brand after that incident. Hopefully if you look around you might find a good brand. Maybe Ghirardelli will be good. Godspeed

  5. I get it. I have synchonicieis with 666 a lot as well. It's nothing more than a trigger of awareness of the matrix. We had a portal open on 6/6/2022 (666 portal) measurable on the Schumann Resonance with crazy amplified electromagnetic frequency activity since. We've been conditioned to think that 666 is a bad thing, it's not.

  6. age has a lot to do with these kinds of feelings, in your 20s everything is new and fresh, as years go by, it same old same old, and people gradually lose their personal quality

  7. Why do you say that? What are you expecting to happen in a few months?

  8. For the simyness to become even more obvious and commonplace in the realm.

  9. What if a star is the opposite side of a black hole?

  10. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole......not that this outer space stuff is real, well not here at least. They are having a hard enough time trying to simulate this world, lol!

  11. I am not an astrophysicist, but as far as I know a white hole is not a star, if I am getting their propaganda correct.

  12. They are only "portals" when being used as such.

  13. I do not know about that, too New Agey imo, it is whatever the simulation says it is, which does jive with your thoughts at times. I know simulation theory sounds New Age but whatever.

  14. Did you even watch the documentaries? She was trapped in a tank of water in the middle of January, there was no way for her to escape the tank. You try immersing yourself in ice cold water in the middle of January if you've got doubts that it causes hypothermia.

  15. Ok, still feel taking her clothes off would be the last thing on her mind at the time. Something smells fishy. The Last Bookstore having a code that leads to her grave if you put it into Google Maps, graffiti on water tank were she was found calling her a c-word and her talking about that not to long before that on her Tumblr, her talking about invisibility tech with her folks and then having a organization called Invisible Light Agency appear right on the hotel were she stayed on online maps.

  16. You really should stop getting your information from conspiracy theorists. There was no graffiti on the water tank, the code of the bookstore didn't lead to her grave, it was to an old office in the same town, and the invisible light agency was nothing more than a special effects company on the same block as the hotel, not exactly a novelty item in the middle of LA.

  17. There was 100% graffiti near the tank she was found in and in another place on the grounds, also, yes, the code does lead to the gravesite she was buried at. I guess the Elisa Lam documentary by Netflix is conspiracy theory doc then since they cover the code one.

  18. Yah bro, itta sim. I started seeing truly in mid 2021, but since the beginning of last month it has been extremly simmy, if you will. That being said, I am pretty happy, I just know this sh*t aint real.

  19. i dunno if its getting crazier of if it's always been this crazy, but you definitely become more aware to the insane shit people do or the things people do that dont seem logical once you've seen through the veil and the programming stops working on you. you aren't supposed to be seeing how corrupted world leaders are or how news events seem incredibly staged and... more movie-like and unbelievable than a naturally occurring situation should be

  20. I think it is a bit of both, we wake up to the fact we are not in real life plus who/whatever is in control on this place is rapidly turning it up to 11 and not really caring that we know it is a simulation.

  21. I don't know either. Edit: It could mean that tag isn't from 2012 and was current to the year of the incident.

  22. Possibly, I am of the opinion that it is linked to her murder. This whole thing feels staged to be honest. Like, this incident was pre-planned, just too many and too strong coinkydinks to just be a normal case of murder.

  23. The first book is only about the Moon and the Earth, book 2 will cover the rest of this universe. So there is going to be a lot more use for the plants, weither it's a sapient lifeforms that cultivates it's offsprings or plants farmed for their life creating capacities.

  24. Honestly, in terms of stuff needing more work, I think you should go more into detail about your verse's diffrent cultures and stuff. Like cuisine, art, music, day-to-day life, higher-ups, stories about incidents. Stuff like that, other then that, you are doing great.

  25. Yes your right, maybe in a second part, if I make an rpg or a comic I'd like to explore this. But It would be segmentedin smaller projects because it takes a lot of time and I could spend my whole life working on this project haha.

  26. If you do ever do a comic, I think adapting the cooling moon and shapeshifters harassing and messing with the Elides(and maybe other species) would be gold: A non-standard(not medieval Europe-esque with no humans at all) setting.

  27. I just rode a greyhound... 666 were in the middle numbers of 4 busses including 2 of the same bus.

  28. Eh....I think 666 is bad imo I seen it alot in weird places when I was sinning worse then I am now. Calmed down after I stopped dythat sin. Starting to flair up again tho even tho I am not doing that sin anymore. I think the simulation is messing with peeps and dropping hints.

  29. They've got 16 upvotes and their explanation reads like a fever dream. I have no idea, either, my dude. lol

  30. They are saying it was CC, just in alot more non-layman jargon. Honestly thought it was bot generated at first. My still be tbh.

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