1. Malware instead of that ravanagander character

  2. After they finished the script of Destroy All Aliens, They made this short to convince the network to greenlight the movie.

  3. The scene where he teamed up with Spider-Man 2099 against The Spot and said It's Acrossin' Time! and then Acrossed all over him was cinema!

  4. Depends on what you mean by "god". Celestialsapiens are called gods, but Ben beats one of them.

  5. There power is Omnipotent as Paradox said so ehh...pretty sure means god.

  6. Fans really lean with the 10 thing, huh? There is obviously Tenten, I've seen Vilgax-Ben called Ten-tackle and on the not-fully-official aliens list we have Decimus Prime and Decagon Vreedle.

  7. Seeing ov designs without their suit puts looks really cursed to me

  8. In And Then There Were None, Eon confirms that he is a Ben from an alternative timeline.

  9. Derrick J. Wyatt said that he would've liked to make or see a Ben 10/ThunderCats crossover.

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