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  1. Follow the sentiment bro, you’ve got inflation coming in under expectantly low, retail is over stocked as we come into a historic retail buying season, solid earnings reports despite historically high interest rates, unemployment is finally accelerating (deflationary), all while heading into Santa rally season. Sell your puts while you can, happy thanks giving, mercy Christmas, and happy new year!

  2. There is so much rhetoric about the class waiting so long and how the post class is being pathetic for expecting a quicker turn around. And It may take just as long for them to review mine… But it’s good to see the post class having a faster review process, after all it’s the entire reason for this case. This doesn’t effect you, and you should be happy for your fellow man, and if you can’t, you won’t be happy yourself.

  3. I submitted July 22nd, slightly before you. Still pending.

  4. But I can still spend the 1600 (premise 1), would have to pay taxes as if ordinary income because spouse didn’t work (premise 2) but then I would still not get the tax credit (premise 3). Or I could still get the tax credit minus 1600? (premise 4)

  5. No I understand what I’m missing here, the tax credit requires your spouse to work too. Well dam. I should spend the 1600 if I can and pay the taxes, assuming I can.

  6. "how dare you try to enjoy living in the city, just move the burbs!"

  7. Lol you live in Clifton and you would rather have less lights at night ? RIP.

  8. If you can just give me the school, years attended, and program you were in, I should be able to put something together for you to get started

  9. You are amazing to offer that, I would love some help with this as I am also having a hard time with this. May I dm you ?

  10. Im in the same boat as you. The best thing to do, and what I will do, is start repaying, even if financially secure or not financially secure. I would aggressively pay and lump sum as much as you can, especially if multiple direct loans. You will get a complete refund if they fail to make a decision in 36mo and a discretionary refund if approved while making payments on it. It may be devastating to pay them off too soon and not get a full refund, it would Be much more devastating if you didn’t pay and interest accrued on a 100k 6.8% loan and you did nothing to keep it from growing.

  11. NFL Players are taxed based on where the game is played that week

  12. They said they are intending a lower rate increase next time

  13. Wow so good news for our economy. The will use a smaller dildo to gape us next time.

  14. Zucc is giving investors an oppertunity to Get in before he gives up on The idea and The company generates good cashflow again, question is just how much Of debt burden or share dilution will Meta Go through first.

  15. He changed the company name to metaverse. Is he really going to give up on the idea? And if he does give up the idea he is left with a company named metaverse to always remind him and investors of his failures.

  16. Reddit needs to work on their sarcasamdar since this was downvoted so much

  17. Is AI capable of sarcasm? This is sentient life territory. Calls on Skynet!

  18. An important distinction between the two degrees is FNP can see age 0-end of life. Acute care can only see ages 14 and up. Technically speaking, in most jurisdictions, an FNP is able to work in any setting/job. It is therefore more flexible. However, there has lately been a push for adult hospitals to require acute care practitioners. The exception being the ER, who generally likes FNPs because they can see ages under 14. ERs are competitive jobs though and like to have duel degrees in both or a PA degree. If you are interested in specializing - cardiology, urology, nephrology, gi, general surgery ect., then you should go with acute care. Generally you work both inpatient and outpatient in this sort of role. I work as a urology acute care np and I work mon-fri 8-4 and weekends/holidays off. I round in the morning in the hospital and have a short clinic at end of the day. My employer is not interested in FNPs because the hospitals I round at require acute care. An acute care degree would also be more competitive in the hospitalist role. I think FNP should only be consider if wanting to work in primary care, urgent care or the Er, and in the case of working in the ER, you may want to consider ENP degree or PA instead.

  19. CDC just made it mandatory for schools, so kids will be jabbed yearly.

  20. "Adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule does not constitute a requirement that any child receive the vaccine,"

  21. Dear god no - the “quadfecta” is BS. Nicely written and theoretically nice in practice it falls flat.

  22. Well in a down year like this one you could tax harvest from VTI to VOO or visa versa while essentially owning the same thing.

  23. I think it would make sense to tax harvest from VOO to VTI at this time, but not vice versa. VTI, although more diversified, is still more volatile. VTI moves down like 2% more than VOO in bear markets and up 2% more than VOO in bull markets. VOO to VTI in a bear market should yield slightly higher returns when the market rebounds than VOO and can still tax harvest.

  24. I used to think I was getting flashed when I was in my car, but it ended up being cars going over bumps and their lights hitting directly in my mirror. There’s also a chance that someone wants to race 😂

  25. Robinhood is probably the worst broker to use. I would recommend Fidelity since you can do fractional shares and DRIP

  26. You can also do fractional shares and drip on RH as well.

  27. I’m a provider privileged at 4 hospitals within 3 systems: mercy, trihealth, and Kettering. I Would not want to be in any of these hospitals as a patient except mercy.

  28. There was a period of time where stocks being promoted on a certain subreddit were making very large movements, costing investment firms banking on options a great deal of money. Robinhood didn't allow retail investors to trade during this period, costing many redditors a lot of money. This is an oversimplification and summary, I'm sure someone will answer in greater detail.

  29. At that time though, didn’t virtually all brokers do the same thing and stop allowing trading during the gme frenzy?

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