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  1. That's not true though, it has more muzzle energy than the 7.62x51/.308. (7.62 m118 - 2559ft/lbf) (6.8 140gr - 2798ft/lbf)

  2. The cronen red dot, the first red dot without a giant frame blocking your view around it:

  3. You can literally level the glock (x12? I think) to lvl 4 and get one of the best rds in the game.

  4. Yes they do, and at this time of day a lot of players are still at said school and work

  5. Deer are tough animals. I’ve seen them take solid hits from .50 caliber muzzleloaders, 12 gauge slug guns, .308 WINs, etc. and take off on pure adrenaline. That deer looks like it is on borrowed time though.

  6. Just two days ago I had one run 60yds with a .50 muzzleloader through both lungs, they're incredibly tough

  7. Also the hybrid optic where the red dot sits on top of the longer range optic seems to have a little bug that removes basically all recoil on any weapon when you switch over to the red dot.

  8. I believe it has something to do with applying the visual recoil of the scope to the rds making it feel like less

  9. YES, you have all guns unlocked so you dont see it, but for me it asks to level up the scar to lvl25 and my friends needs to max p90

  10. Whats the difference between getting killed by ghorn and a different rocket launcher?

  11. I absolutely hate when the person completly misses their ghorn or I dodge it perfectly but I die to the Wolfpack rounds tracking me 30 meters

  12. Don't ADS or try to wrap up the kill while dodging.

  13. I've had the thing track me 90° around a corner mid hunter dodge, sometimes it just says fuck you your dying

  14. Yeah but It could have been saved, especially when they just hired new ceo

  15. FTAC Recon raises my blood pressure. Who tf gives you 10 bullets and it takes 3-4 to kill? Also, who would opt for 5 bullets only with no extra damage? Lol

  16. I'm just gonna be honest but people who are saying it's like Rainbow 6 Siege I've never played Rainbow 6 Siege. I have sunk a couple 100 hours into the game and it feels nothing like it. I'd say a more apt comparison would be Insurgency Sandstorm though I've never played it.

  17. As a sandstorm player, mwII is 1000x faster than sandstorm. And nothing like it.

  18. I play Cod Mobile and M13 is one of the best guns. So i have to play DMZ(i dont like that mode)to win a good gun in mw2.That is terrible!I don't want to play the dmz.

  19. Ah yes, because good in cod mobile definitely means it will be good in mw22

  20. The gun is basically a taq-v with more recoil an less damage 🤣

  21. A lot of content? Where? Since when is this considered a lot of content?

  22. Tbf while there are some features missing (which I am NOT excusing) there is a lot to do as far as unlocks like camos/attachments/wepons

  23. How are the new weapons interesting? They are just old weapons from the previous games(apart from the victus XMR I guess), I'd rather have something new

  24. The "victus XMR" is literally just the ax50 from mw19 with a different stock

  25. the difference being what, at 100 meters it does...wait... less damage despite going faster? that doesn't sound right.

  26. If it was a lighter round it would lose energy faster at range. At least to an extent

  27. FTAC Recon is what happens when you take the M4, give it 10 rounds, keep the same damage, and make it semi-auto … you can do full auto but it does less damage. What a piece of trash.

  28. Treyarch once again pioneering, Infinity Ward once again regressing the series

  29. You just going to pretend that IW didn't invent the gunsmith in the first place?

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