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  1. Kripke bringing in Bobby Singer, Dean and now John Winchester.

  2. To be fair, large birds that can run 50 km/h and tank a dozen bullets are somewhat difficult to kill. We kinda just decided it wasn't worth the effort.

  3. Depending on where you're at in the game, 3 landings can be a lot. Especially when you've got fuel and ramscoops. Game's just trying not to take up too much space.

  4. Isn't he a member of the justice league in the current comics?

  5. No. Riptide is lategame removal. I wanna be able to get rid of champions/ anything with more than 6 health before I Maokai.

  6. Currently farming shield beetles on Steam Deck in another System. Hopefully 16 Shield beetles will be enough to start the main campaign.

  7. Oh my god, ain’t nobody got the time or patience for that!

  8. Is that the guy who made a "speech" about how vampires are pretty cool?

  9. I second sim companies. It's slower, but has financials and everything. To bad capitalsm 2 isn't available for Android, this has to be ultimate business game.

  10. I play cap 2 on Mac via emulator. Pirated. Nothing like it.

  11. I wake up to "ambient airplane noises from moderately distanced airport".

  12. Close up shots that don't show certain areas, and a cut to after the assault with a traumatised Mark.

  13. Clan Points in team games(with a pie chart and name colours), 1 point per player, if clan is highest on leaderboard of winning team. All other clans lose 1 point per clan member in game.

  14. Counterpoint: taking australia means you have a large amount of land with no threats, while everyone else is busy fighting each other, so you have the potential to snowball. or lose if enough people contest you early game. depending on who's weaker, you can easily expand into asia or antarctica.

  15. Depending on the season, the cycle actually overlaps with itself, to the point where not all of the shootings make the news.

  16. How bout Tom Hiddleston? He's this English guy who was in War Horse.

  17. So we now know that there is approximately a 10 year age gap between Stephen and Willa. Completely new information that you've just been sitting on for 2 years.

  18. In Shrek (2001) the entire movie can be uploaded to sites like Twitter where there is no proper moderation, due to the majority of essential staff being fired by some random prick.

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